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What does 2017 bring for Georgia?

The political events, such as the local elections, reform of the Constitution,  the strengthening of the ruling coalition Georgian Dream, are among the most remarkable events happened in Georgia in 2017, political analyst Gela …

Second round of Georgia's municipal elections ends

Voting for the second round of municipal elections has finished in six municipalities of Georgia. The process of counting votes and compiling results is underway. All the 317 polling stations closed at exactly 8pm this evening in those …

UNM lost 35 seats in municipal assemblies

As a result of split Georgian opposition party United National Movement (UNM) lost lost 35 of the 276 seats in municipal assemblies. There were only seven members of the UNM in Tbilisi, three of them left the party. The party suffered …

Georgia 2016: win for Georgian Dream, defeat for lari

This year in Georgia ends with the win of Georgian Dream in the fight with United National Movement and the biggest devaluation of the national currency, so the country enters 2017 in the not so holiday mood, Georgian experts said in an interview …

What to expect from new Georgian Parliament?

Today Georgia’s Central Election Commission released a final protocol, summarising the outcomes of  the country’s October’s parliamentary elections.  The Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia gained 115 seats in …

Saakashvili's wife gave up mandate

Wife of Georgian ex-president Mikheil Saakashvili, Sandra Roelofs, officially informed the Georgian CEC that she gives up her deputy mandate, the press service of the Central Election Commission reported. …

Will UNM elect a new chairman?

A former ruling and now the main opposition party of Georgia, ‘United National Movement’ (UNM), has accused some of its activists of spreading false information about the leaders of the party. According to the results of the …

Will Georgian President's powers be limited?

Georgia's President's Advisor Pikria Chikhradze commented rumors about amendments to the Constitution which will reduce presidential powers. She believes that this issue appeared on the agenda because of differences in …