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Georgia: police investigate clash in Gori

Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs has launched an investigation into a physical confrontation that took place between the activists of two political parties in Kvemo Sodisi village of Gori district in central Georgia today, Agenda.ge …

Georgia continues to elect parliament

Today, the parliamentary elections have begun again for the residents of the two regions of Georgia. The reason are the serious violations documented at four polling stations during voting and during the counting of votes in the previous …

UNM decides to not boycott parliament

The leader of the United National Movement David Bakradze said that the party will use all the legal tools, like rallies, networks abroad in order that Georgia didn’t turned into ‘single-party …

Elections in Georgia: Georgian Dream in the lead

With returns from more than 72% of the precincts, early official results of the proportional part of the October 8 parliamentary elections show ruling Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia party in lead with 49.55%, Civil.ge reports. …

Georgia chose Parliament

The ruling Georgian Dream party declared victory in a parliamentary election in ex-Soviet Georgia on Saturday after two exit polls put it in first place following a tense vote widely seen as a test of political stability. Criss-crossed …

Ruling party leads in elections in Georgia

The ruling party 'Georgian Dream' is leading with 39,9% in the parliamentary elections by the party lists, as the results of the exit poll research of the GFK shows. The GFK pill is commissioned …

Saakashvili no longer wants to return to Georgia

Governor of Odessa region Mikheil Saakashvili no longer plans to return to his homeland, Georgia, after the parliamentary elections, in which his party 'United National Movement' is participating. "I have …

Georgian pre-election thriller

An intrigue of the forthcoming elections is that even if the UNM is not going to win, it will enter the parliament and create a numerous influential faction there.