accidents in Russia

Apartment building fire in Balashikha claims two lives

Two people died in the explosion, which occurred in an apartment building in the town of Balashikha outside Moscow yesterday, a source from the emergency services said. The source said the blast had rocked the upper floor of a 17-storey …

Aircraft hijacking in Siberia: what we know so far

A passenger of a plane bound from Surgut to Moscow (flight SU1515) hijacked a plane, demanding it to travel to Afghanistan instead. An Aeroflot Boeing 737-8LJ took off from Surgut for Moscow at 12:55 Moscow time. Fifteen minutes after …

 Tupolev-22M3 bomber crashlands in Murmansk region

A Tupolev-22M3 bomber has crashlanded at a military airdrome in the Murmansk Region today, a source in the law enforcement said. "A Tupolev-22M3 bomber crashlanded while trying to land at an airdrome of the long-range aviation in …

Two Su-34 jets collide over Tatar Strait - source

Two Sukhoi Su-34 fighter bomber aircraft have collided mid-air during flights over the Tatar Strait in Russia’s Khabarovsk Region, a source in the regional law enforcement agencies said. "According to preliminary data, the …

Gas blast in Russia's Rostov region: one person killed

An explosion at an apartment building in Russia’s Rostov region this morning triggered the collapse of two floors, the Russian Emergencies Ministry press service reported. One person was killed and six may be trapped under …

Magnitogorsk mourns victims of gas explosion

The farewell ceremony in honor of the victims who died in the partial collapse of an apartment building in the Russian city of Magnitogorsk on New Year's Eve are under way. Six funerals will be held in Magnitogorsk today, nine - …