accidents in Russia

Four dead in helicopter crash in Russia’s Anadyr

Four people died in a Mi-8 helicopter crash at Ugolniye Kopi airport in Russia’s Chukotka, a source in the Chukotka Autonomous Region government said. "Four people died. The preliminary version of the crash is a …

Ten people die in fire at a hospice in Moscow region

The death toll from a fire in a hospice for the elderly in Krasnogorsk near Moscow has risen to 10, an official in the press service of the Moscow department of the Emergency Ministry said. "Ten people died. They all got poisoned …

Eight died in car accident in Russia's Pskov region

Eight people died in Russia’s Pskov Region in a major road accident, which involved a minibus and a truck, the Russian Emergencies Ministry said. "At 00:29, a car accident involving a Mercedes minibus and a Volvo truck …

Petrol bombs thrown at Nikulinsky court in Moscow

The building of Moscow’s Nikulinsky District Court caught fire after unidentified perpetrators had thrown petrol bombs at it, a law enforcement source said, adding that the fire had been extinguished. "The perpetrators …

Uzbek nationals dead in Tomsk region fire

Eleven people died when a fire ripped through a one-storey wooden shack in a remote village in Russia's region of Tomsk, officials said. "The bodies of 11 people have been found," the Russian emergencies ministry said …

Man dies in car accident in Kabardino-Balkaria

One person died and four injured as a result of an accident in Kabardino-Balkaria, the press service of the republican department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs informs. It is clarified that there are three children among the victims. …