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Dubai airport flights delayed due to rain

Dubai International, one of the world’s busiest airports, canceled, diverted and delayed flights on Saturday due to heavy rain and flooding, Reuters reports with a reference to Dubai Airports. Flights are likely to be delayed …

Tehran: Ukraine's Boeing caught fire in flight

Ukraine's International Airlines Boeing 737 that crashed outside Tehran had caught fire in flight, the Iran Civil Aviation Organization said. "The aircraft caught fire during the flight. Eye witnesses say they saw flames …

Russia can rename all civil aircraft

Russia can rename all civil aircraft it produces to create a united brand for them, CEO of United Aircraft Corporation Yury Slyusar said. According to him, rebranding consists of a correct market positioning of an …

Tu-22 bomber makes hard landing near Astrakhan

Russia's Tu-22 long-range bomber has made a hard landing after an engine failure during a routine flight over the Astrakhan region, the Russian Defense Ministry reported. The crew of the plane "managed to steer the aircraft …

Iran presents "Simorgh" drone

Iranian unmanned aerial vehicle, dubbed Simorgh, joined Iran’s Navy on Saturday, IRNA reports. Simorgh, a homegrown combat drone joined Iran’s Navy at a ceremony in the southeastern coastal city of Konarak, attended by …

Сharter flights to Egypt not to resume till next year

Until the removal of a number of issues regarding the security of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh airports, the charter flights between Russia and Egypt resorts will most likely not be resumed, Russian Transport Minister Yevgeny …

Su-35 arrives to Turkey for Tekhnofest exhibition

The Russian multi-purpose fighter Su-35 arrived in Turkey to participate in the Technofest technology festival, the press service of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) reports. The festival will be held in Istanbul on September …

AZAL to make charter flights to China

Azerbaijan Airlines national air carrier (AZAL) and China's leading travel company HCG International Travel Group signed a three-year agreement on the implementation of charter passenger flights on the Baku-Beijing-Baku route on September 2, …