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UK condemns Crimean bridge opening

British Foreign Office minister Alan Duncan condemned the opening of the Crimean bridge and highlighted the UK’s concerns about human rights in Crimea. Duncan noted that the opening of this bridge represents …

"Let's go!": Crimean bridge opened

The official opening of a the bridge connecting mainland Russia with the Crimean Peninsula was held today. The ceremony was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Russia's Transportation Minister …

Will Russia to build Nord Stream 3?

Gazprom does not exclude the possibility of building the Nord Stream 3, Deputy CEO of the gas holding Alexander Medvedev said. "If Europe states its needs and is ready to sign required contracts, then I do not …

Crimea bridge gets giant arch

Russian engineers installed a giant railway arch in the channel between Russia and Crimea, as a 19km road-rail bridge takes shape. It will take about a month to fix the arch, weighing 6000 tonnes, to massive supports in the water. …

Air bomb found in Crimea

An air bomb of times of the Great Patriotic War was discovered by workers during a construction of the Tavrida road in the Crimea. The explosive item was found near the village of Gornostaevka. According to the specialists in …

Construction of Kerch Bridge half completed

Construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait in the Crimea, which will connect the Crimean Peninsula with mainland Russia, is more than half completed, the head of Taman road agency, Roman Novikov, …

First Russian wind farm to be built in Adygea

Rosatom's non-nuclear thermal power division JSC OTEK has started design work on the first phase of a 150 MW wind farm in the Republic of Adygea, the regional government's press service said. OTEK CEO Alexander …

 Ancient head found during bridge construction in Crimea

A terracotta head was discovered by archaeologists during the underwater excavations in the area of ​​construction of the bridge across the Kerch Strait. Scientists believe that this is an image of an ancient Greek deity, made in the form of a …