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Sobotka supports Nord Stream-2

President of Austria’s National Council Wolfgang Sobotka said that Vienna is interested in the Nord Stream-2 project. "We are interested in the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline project in order to strengthen …

'South Stream' to be revived as 'Turkish Stream-2'

Gazprom determined the Turkish Stream gas pipeline's route passing through the territory of Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary and Slovakia. It is expected that deliveries to Bulgaria and Serbia will begin in 2020, to Hungary - in 2021, and …

Lavrov: Balkans need Turkish Stream

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the Turkish Stream gas pipeline project is to improve opportunities for Balkan countries to receive Russian gas. "We and the Turks seek to improve …

Russia wants 'ironclad guarantees' on Turkish Stream

Russia counts on the European Union's ironclad guarantees on the Turkish Stream pipeline project's second leg, given the disappointing experience of the South Stream project, Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Alexei …

Russia has no plans to build Turkish Stream blindly

Russia has no plans to begin construction of the second line of the Turkish stream in Europe without any guarantee and approval from the European Commission. "Of course, no one will build it blindly, because it is associated with …

First line of Turkish Stream to be build in year

South Stream Transport B.V. signed a contract with Swiss company Allseas Group S.A. in Amsterdam for construction of the first line of the offshore section of Turkish Stream with an option for construction of the second line, Gazprom said in …

Novosibirsk businessmen interested in Georgia

Business delegation, which will include representatives of seven Novosibirsk companies will arrive in Georgia on November 7. During the visit they will attend presentations, business meetings and negotiations with potential …

Urartian sewage system unearthed in Van

An ancient Urartian sewage system, which was first discovered during excavations in 2004 in the Çavuştepe Castle in the eastern province of Van, has been unearthed, Hurriyet reports. This year’s works in the castle in the …

Rosatom can sell its stake in Akkuyu NPP project

Turkish construction company Cengiz Insaat is in talks about buying up to 49% of the $20 billion Akkuyu nuclear power plant being built by Russia's Rosatom, Reuters cited a source familiar with the matter as saying. The …