education in Russia

Russia to triple the number of international students

Russia plans to more than triple the number of foreign students studying at its universities over the next eight years, with a 50% increase by 2019, under a new state programme for the export of educational services, University World News …

Russia's Diplomatic Academy hosts 'UN Model'

The sixth annual conference "the UN International Model' of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry's student club (DAIMMUN 2017) started in Moscow. 'UN Model' is an interactive educational game for …

Kremlin avoids discussion on wearing hijabs at schools

The Kremlin would like to refrain from becoming a party of discussion on wearing hijabs at schools, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. "There have been really different approaches to the issue. You know that there have been …

Schools of North Caucasus: ready for school year

The Ministry of Education of the North Caucasus reported that almost all the schools of the North Caucasus Federal District are ready for the new school year. Specialists from the State Fire Control, the Federal Service for Supervision of …

Student  in hijab not allowed in MGIMO

The guards refused to let a student in hijab to the MGIMO building, citing an internal order according to which the students and applicants are not recommended wearing Islamic headgear, the media report. …