elections in Belarus

Republic of Belarus has future, Senator Kozlova says

The Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy Lyudmila Kozlova was present as an observer during the presidential elections in Belarus. The senator shared her vision of the progress of the election campaign. …

Belarus approves presidential election results

The Central Electoral Commission of Belarus has announced the final results of the presidential elections. 5,102,478 people (83.47%) voted for Alexander Lukashenko, 201,945 people (3.3%) voted for ...

Has the West ‘believed’ in Lukashenko?

Presidential elections have recently been held in Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko, the incumbent president, won the election. According to exit polls, he received 80.3% of the votes cast. This …

10 candidates to compete for presidency in Belarus

10 candidates to compete for presidency in Belarus The Central Electoral Commission of Belarus believes that 10 candidates will participate in the presidential elections on October 11, the head of the Commission, Lidia Yermoshina, said. "We do not allocate money for the election

Belarus to elect President on October 11

The Belarusian presidential elections will take place on 11 October 2015. The decision was made by the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus today. The incumbent president Alexander Lukashenko assured that the