People’s memory won't allow provocations

“Black January” or “Bloody January” as it is also called in Azerbaijan - marks 30 years on January 20. This date in the republic forever became the Day of National Sorrow. Then, under the tracks of tanks, hundreds of …

Trove of 200-year-old coins found in Krakow

Builders have stumbled upon a treasure trove of 200-year-old coins worth nearly half a million pounds. The 10,000 coins were discovered during renovation work in Krakow, Poland. Made of copper and minted in the time of the 18th …

Constitution Day celebrated in Azerbaijan

Today, Azerbaijan is celebrating the Constitution Day. The Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, adopted in 1995, is the first constitution of independent Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, which existed for 23 …

Four facts about November 4 holiday

Few are aware that the Day of People's Unity celebrated in Russia on November 4 is part of the Federal law On Russia's Days of Military Glory and Commemorative Dates, it is one of the Days of Military …

Monument to Imadeddin Nasimi opened in Moscow

Monument to the great Azerbaijai poet-thinker Imadeddin Nasimi was opened at the All-Russian state library for foreign literature named after M. I. Rudomino in Moscow today. the opening ceremony was attended by Vice President of the Heydar Aliyev …

Azerbaijan celebrates 28th independence anniversary

Today, Azerbaijan is marking the State Independence Day. Thanks to the favorable historical conditions emerging after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Azerbaijani people gained independence in the 20th century for the second …