military exercises

Azerbaijani army units conduct parachute training

Azerbaijani army units conducted parachute training, the press service of Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry said. In the course of the training, the military personnel fulfilled various tasks and improved combat skills, Trend …

 Combat firing conducted by Azerbaijani army (VIDEO)

According to the plan of large-scale exercises, combat firing was conducted in Azerbaijan at various training ranges at night and in conditions of reduced visibility, the press service of Azerbaijan's Defense Ministry told Vestnik …

Azerbaijani army to start large-scale drills

Azerbaijan will hold large-scale operational-tactical exercises with participation of various military branches of troops, army corpses and formations Sept. 17-22, Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry said in a message Sept. 14. The …

NATO comments on Russia's upcoming military drills

NATO spokesman Dylan White said that Russia had briefed the alliance on the Vostok-2018 planned exercise in May and that NATO planned to monitor it.  According to the spokesman, Russia had invited military …

 Kazakhstan hosts Masters of Artillery Fire contest

Masters of Artillery Fire contest, which is being held in stages in accordance with the plan within the framework of the International Military Games 2018, has started in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan's Ministry of Defense said in a message. …