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EU follows protests in Iran

The EU pushed Iran on Monday to guarantee the right to protest as authorities have moved to crack down on days of unrest across the nation, Daily Mail reports. Protests broke out Thursday and have quickly grown to become the biggest …

Rukhani names organizers of protests in Iran

The anti-government demonstrations in Iran were triggered by the intervention of third countries, primarily Saudi Arabia, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran said, speaking at an extraordinary meeting of the Mejlis (Parliament) of the …

Six days of Iran protests: 20 dead, 450 arrested

At least 20 people have died and 450 have been arrested in six days of nationwide anti-government demonstrations in Iran, the country's media reported Tuesday, USA Today reports. The unrest started Thursday over economic …

Lana Ravandi-Fadai: ‘There will be no Persian Winter’

As the Iranian experts said, the plight of the people in the Islamic Republic could really push Iranians to speak out against the government. One of the sources of protesters is the state institutions, where delays in wages became a natural …