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 Russian financial system stabilizes

Russia's financial system is much more stable than 10 years ago, Russian Central Bank Governor Elvira Nabiullina told a banking congress in St Petersburg. At the same time she noted that some government measures may …

Baku marks Pushkin's birthday and Russian Language Day

On Baku 6, Baku is marking the birthday of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, who is considered the founder of the modern Russian literary language, as well as the Russian Language Day. Participants of the event laid flowers to …

Central Bank promises Russians easy long money

Inflation dynamics enables the Russian Central Bank to cut further its key rate, the regulator’s First Deputy Chief Ksenia Yudaeva said. "Obviously, the current inflation dynamics allows a reduction," …

Italy declares war on anti-Russian sanctions

Italy’s Prime Minister Jiuseppe Conte advocates a review of the anti-Russia sanctions system. "The new government of Italy will be seeking that the sanction policy against Russia be reviewed, especially those …