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Party deprives Sargsyan of last power

Several deputies decided to withdraw from the former ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA), a source close the deputies said. "All those MPs who intend to leave the RPA faction are prominent businessmen. They plan to …

Russia imposes counter-sanctions regime

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law on countermeasures against unfriendly actions of the United States and other foreign countries. The document was posted on the official Internet portal of legal information. …

No Putin - Trump meeting?

Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed political ructions in the United States for difficulties in arranging a summit with President Donald Trump. Putin said last month the proposed summit was …

Russia to earn 100 trillion rubles

Russia’s Economic Development Ministry revised its economic forecast. It was presented by Economy Minister Maxim Oreshkin at the State Duma meeting nu budget and taxes. Russia’s gross domestic product was …

New "maidan" in Georgia: metro on strike

Tbilisi metro drivers have been on strike since this morning, demanding an increase in wages. The strike was organized by the Ertoba 2013 metro drivers' union. In turn, the mayor of Georgia's capital Kakha Kaladze …

Jews: nationality determined by mother

Today, when most of the world's countries are more or less multinational, during study of interethnic relations issues experts ask what does "nationality" mean, is it political, social or biological concept. In …

Putin approves anti-terrorism plan

Russian President Vladimir Putin approved concept of system that will help to fight against financing of terrorism, the Kremlin website reported. This concept envisages following tasks: strengthening of control over …