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Talks on European missile defenses at stalemate

Russian-NATO talks on US missile defense have reached a stalemate, Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said. He noted that first achievements of European missile defenses will be announced at the NATO summit in Chicago on May 20, which means that NATO will continue development of its missile defenses regardless of Russia’s concerns.


The Washington Times published an article on the situation surrounding the US-Iran conflict. "The US military is discussing significant changes in its war plans to adhere to President Obama’s strategic guidance that downplays preparing for conflicts such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and counts on allies to provide additional troops," the author of the article, Rowan Scarborough, says.

Is Jerusalem ignoring Armenia’s approval of Iranian nuclear program?

Israel has not reacted to the recent statement by Armenian Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian, who had approved Tehran’s right to further peaceful nuclear developments. A diplomat has told VK that Israel maintains sustainable and friendly ties with Armenia. Armenia has attempted to improve relations with Israel on many occasions, but its relations with Iran were an obstacle.

Israeli-Turkish threat level drops

 The Israeli structure for combating terrorism of the prime minister’s office has reduced the danger level for visiting Turkey from the maximum to the minimum. This means that Israeli tourists will only be warned to be extra cautious in Turkey.

US to monitor Afghanistan until 2014

US President Barack Obama has made his third visit to Kabul to sign an agreement on strategic partnership with Afghanistan. He has held a meeting with President Hamid Karzai and confirmed that the US will remain in Afghanistan until 2014.