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World Press on Iran, Turkey and the Caucasus (August 10, 2011)

"Bloodshed in Syria backfiring on government," an article with such aheadline was published today by The Washington Post. Syrian PresidentBashar al-Assad's attempt to crush dissent through a massive militaryoffensive appears to be backfiring, with fervent condemnations both athome and abroad undermining his government's chances of survival, the

International experts worry euro repeats fate of Soviet ruble

Serious oscillation at the world financial markets caused new discussions of the second wave of the crisis. In this context among main initiators of a new falling weakness of two basic world currencies is called – dollar and euro. International experts warn that repetition of Soviet ruble’s fate by euro should be prevented.Different views of the EU members on the problem of supporting weak countries can lead to repetition of Soviet ruble’s fate by euro, the head economist of the HSBC Steven King thinks


The Washington Post published the article headlined “Oil-rich Basra has Iran worries. ” It says that sitting on an estimated 120 billion barrels of untapped crude, Iraq’s economic future rests in this southern province, tucked between Iran and Kuwait. But local residents and officials worry that they are lagging behind their next-door neighbors, whose infrastructure and oil-drilling capabilities are far more advanced. Provincial leaders complain Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s government is more interested in doing business with Iran than in promoting their interests.

World Press on Iran, Turkey and the Caucasus (August 6-8, 2011)

The Guardian published an article headlined ‘Turkey sends Syria a message that Britain cannot’. According to the author, The foreign secretary, William Hague, admitted last week there was not much more Britain could do to halt the Syrian crackdown, while his US counterpart, Hillary Clinton, has been reduced to counting the dead.