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 Russia takes part in creating euro-SWIFT

Russia is taking part in developing a European counterpart of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT), the European Commission’s press service said. According to the EC's spokesperson, the …

Second round of presidential elections starts in Georgia

The second round of presidential elections has started in Georgia. Today voters will have to vote for their favorite candidate between the two who have succeeded in the first round of presidential elections on October 28. During the …

"We have fallen into serious stagnant hole"

Russia's economic situation reminds me of the era of post-war stagnation, Russian Accounts Chamber Chairman Alexei Kudrin said today. "For the last 10 years we have been living with a growth rate of 1%. …

Russia warns Kiev regime and its Western supporters

The Russian side is declaring a resolute protest over the recent violation of the rules of innocent passage in the Black Sea by Ukrainian Navy ships. Moscow has requested an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the developing …

 Ukraine puts its armed forces on full combat alert

The Ukrainian armed forces have been put on full combat alert by the decision of the chief of the country’s General Staff.  According to the press service of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, in accordance with the National …