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 Turkey to establish new ministry - media

Turkey may establish a car manufacturing ministry, local media outlets reported. The  ministry will be created within the framework of the program for the creation of Turkish cars. It will control the production of domestically …

 Ankara reveals number of terrorists killed last year

Turkey's Armed Forces killed 7016 terrorists in 2017, according to the annual report on the country's fight against terrorism. According to the report, 7016 terrorists were killed last year in security operations, of whom …

Turkey sets up refugee tent camp in Syria's Idlib

A Turkish aid agency set up an accommodation center in Syria's northern Idlib countryside for Syrians fleeing ongoing violence and airstrikes in eastern Hama, a foundation official said. The Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), one …

ISIS 'agriculture minister' arrested in Turkey

ISIS co-called agriculture minister was arrested today during an anti-terror operation across Turkey, local media reported. Ten ISIS terror suspects were arrested in  counter-terrorism operation in Turkey's Kayseri …

Turkey warns its citizens against travelling in US

Turkey's Foreign Ministry has warned its citizens against travel to the United States, saying they face the risk of arbitrary arrest and should take precautions if they do decide to travel. "Turkish citizens traveling to …

Nine Iraqi nationals die in Turkey road accident

Nine people have been killed and 28 have been wounded in a bus accident in the southeastern district of Silopi in Sirnak. The bus carrying Iraqi nationals had been moving from Turkey to Iraq, the Dogan News Agency reported. …

Organiser of Russian ambassador’s murder found

Turkey’s security forces have arrested a man who allegedly played a "key" role in the murder of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov, according to local media reports. The suspect, identified with …

Turkish police detains ISIS member of Georgian origin

Georgian citizen, Gosha Shagnadze, who is a member of the ISIS terrorist group, has been detained in the northeastern Turkish province of Trabzon, the Turkish media reported. During the investigation, a 33-year-old Shagnadze …

Truck collides with train in Turkey's Kütahya

A truck collided with a freight train in Turkey's western province of Kutahya, the Turkish media reported. According to the preliminary data, two people who were in the truck were injured as a result of the accident …