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Building in Istanbul collapses due to heavy rains

Torrential rains in Istanbul triggered a landslide on a construction site in the Sütlüce neighborhood today, stripping away an apartment building’s foundation and causing it to collapse. Local officials dispatched …

Turkish Stream's nearshore works start in Kiyikoy

Nearshore trench works for the Turkish Stream natural gas pipeline project started on July 22 near the Turkish town of Kiyikoy, the South Stream Transport B.V Company that is conducting the offshore pipeline said. According to the …

2,000-year-old villa unearthed in Turkey's Denizli

An archaeological team has unearthed a 12-room villa with mosaic-covered floors and walls decorated with colorful frescoes and vegetative geometric figures in the ancient city of Tripolis located in the southwestern Turkish province of …

 Date of Cavusoglu's visit to Baku revealed

Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu will pay an official visit to Azerbaijan on July 24, Turkey's Foreign Ministry said. "Cavusoglu's visit to Baku will last one day," the ministry …

'Robbery of century' committed in Istanbul

The unknown armed men robbed the branch of one of the local banks in Istanbul's Fatih district this morning. It is reported that the robbers managed to steal $150,000. This robbery was one of the largest in the history of …