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Turkey proposes Abkhazia join human rights association

The delegation of a Turkish human rights association, headed by itschairman Abdullah Bukshur, has arrived in Abkhazia, Apsnipressreports.The Turkish human right activists have held meetings with AbkhazianForeign Minister Maksim Gvindzhiya, Premier Sergei Shaba,Vice-president Alexander Ankvab, and human rights ombudsman GeorgiiOtyrba.The foreign minister said that Georgia, backed by the West, wascarrying out an economic and social blockade of the region. The

Attack on military convoy in Turkey injures 13

Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) militants have attacked a militaryconvoy in the Turkish province of Tunjeli, injuring 13 servicemen anda child were wounded, Trend reports.The PKK is considered a terrorist group by Turkey and several othercountries, including the EU and the United States.

Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey to establish free market zone

Syria,Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey declared on Thursday they wouldestablish a free market zone and visa-free transportation for theircitizens, RIA Novosti reports, citing the Syrian information agencySANA.The agreement was concluded by the four states' foreign ministers inIstanbul, within the framework of the Turkish-Arab forum. Relationsbetween Turkey and Arab countries have improved in the last years. Thepopularity of Turkey rose after the row over the Israeli attack on theTurkish aid ship heading to Gaza.

Russian citizens injured in Egypt crash

A number of Russian and Ukrainian nationals have been injured in atraffic accident in Hurghada, Egypt, Gazeta.ru reports, citing awitness. One of a column of seven off-roaders hit an obstacle andturned over. The information has not yet been confirmed by Russiantour operators.

Turkey calls for more talks with Iran

Turkey calls for more talks with Iran

Turkey is convinced of the need for a diplomatic solution to theIranian nuclear program, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu saidat a meeting of foreign ministers at a Turkish-Arab forum. He saidTurkey would continue working in this direction.

SOCAR gets licence to build refinery in Turkey

The State Oil Company of the Azerbaijani Republic has received a licence from the regulator of the Turkish energy market to build a petroleum refinery with a capacity of 10 million tons a year, a representative of SOCAR said, Trend reports.

Air crash in Turkey

Two soldiers died when a military helicopter crashed in the Turkish province of Tokat, reports Trend, with reference to the Turkish media. The cause of the crash is not known yet, salvage operations are being carried out at the accident site.

Fewer tourists in Turkey in April

In April 2010 Turkey saw a drop of 80 thousand in tourist numbers, the statistical data of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) has announced, reports RIA Novosti. According to the ATOR, the volume of foreign visitors decreased 0.3% compared to the same period last year.

Nalbandyan: Baku is not complying with principles of Nagorno-Karabakh settlement

The Foreign Minister of Armenia, Edward Nalbandian, subjected to sharp criticism the statement by Baku about its readiness to give high-level autonomy to Nagorno-Karbakh as a part of Azerbaijan, where an unrecognized republic now exists, Interfax reports.The minister underlined that this statement ignores the statute on the expression of popular will and the Madrid principles of the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.He also added that he is not concerned about Turkey and Azerbaijan discussing the Karabakh problem.

Turkey considers UN SC sanctions against Iran to be mistaken

Turkish Foreign Ministry called the UN Security Council resolutionpassed on Wednesday, introducing new sanctions against Iran, amistake, the ministry’s report says, RIA Novosti reports.Turkey fears that the decision will create an obstacle for asettlement of the nuclear program .

Turkish president meets Iraqi vice-president

Iraqi vice-president Tariq Al-Hashimi has met Turkish President Abdullah Gul. Special attention was paid to the fact that the Iraqi population preferred to form a government from representatives of various social layers.After negotiations with Gul, Hashimi met Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu, TRT reports.

USA concerned about Turkish-Israeli tensions

The US Defense Minister Robert Gates is concerned about the tensionsbetween Turkey and Israel. He believes that Turkey ‘is heading east’and he believes that some European countries are responsible for thisby refusing to view Turkey as part of the West, Reuters reports.

Erdogan sends delegation to US

Turkish Premier Recep Erdogan will send a delegation to the USA tohold talks on the recent deadly Israeli raid on Gaza-boundhumanitarian flotilla, the Turkish TV channel TRT reports.Turkey is trying to bring Israel in front of an international courtover the attack.The negotiations will be held next week.

Turkey will not revise its policy regarding Israel - Liberman

Turkey will not change its attitude towards Israel, even if Tel Avivcompromises or makes concessions, Israeli Foreign Minister AvigdorLiberman said during his address to the largest Jewish organizationsin the USA, izrus.co.il reports.According to Liberman, Turkey's foreign policy is a strategic choiceand a result of dramatic changes in Turkish society.

CICMA summit ends

The 3rd summit of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-building Measures in Asia (CICMA) has ended in Istanbul. President Gul, in his speech at the summit, spoke the Israeli attack, TRT reports.Gul focused on solving problems according to the norms of international law, without violence. He pointed out that this organization is the most effective of its kind in solving conflicts between countries, gathering together such countries as Israel and Palestine, India and Pakistan.

Ilkham Aliyev expresses solidary with the Turkish people

Azerbaijani people are in solidary with the Turkish people due to the attack on the humanitarian ships in the Mediterranean Sea, leading to deaths of civilians, Azerbaijani President Ilkham Aliyev said in Istanbul on Tuesday, AzerTag reports.

Resolution project on Iran approved

The resolution project of the Security Council of UN on Iran has beenapproved, RIA Novosti reports, citing a high-ranking diplomatic sourcein Moscow.The date of the document’s applicability is unclear. The sourceemphasized that the resolution does not exclude a constructivedialogue with Iran.The project of possible new sanctions against Iran was discussed bythe six mediators of the settlement of the Iranian nuclear program(Russia, USA, China, France, UK and Germany).

Turkish and Azerbaijani gas agreements will not affect ‘Blue Stream’ - Erdogan

The agreements between Turkey and Azerbaijan on gas supplies from‘Shakh-Deniz-2’ will have no effect on the amounts of Russian suppliesthrough the ‘Blue Stream’ pipeline project, Turkish Premier RecepTayyip Erdogan said at a meeting with Premier Vladimir Putin today,RIA Novosti reports.Turkey buys gas from Azerbaijan but most supplies come from Russia.Erdogan noted that Turkey lacks gas for industrial facilities. He saidthat Azerbaijani gas will partially cover gas demand.

Ukraine activates relations with Turkey

Ukraineand Turkey will establish an intergovernmental bilateral strategic council, Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich said regarding the results of his meeting with Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Istanbul, RIA Novosti reports.Yanukovich noted that the council will be headed by the Turkish premier and the Ukrainian president.