The 9th anniversary of Beslan tragedy

Today Russia has marked the Day of Solidarity in the Fight Against Terrorism. On this day the country remembers the victims of the Beslan tragedy, during which more than 300 people were killed, most of whom were women and children. On September 1st, 2004, during a celebratory line-up, terrorists stormed Beslan's School Number 1. A group of armed people held adults and children in the school for three days. 334 people were victims of the tragedy, including 318 hostages, 186 of whom were children.


In Moscow, at the Alania mission next to the monument to the children who died in 2004, a mourning ceremony was held. The ceremony started with a moment of silence; and 334 white balloons were released into the sky – the number of people who were killed in the terrorist attack. The memorial arrangements in Moscow are traditionally organized by the permanent office of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania under the President of the RF and the Moscow Ossetian Diaspora. Dozens of students, social activists and ordinary citizens came to the ceremony. They brought flowers, toys and bottles with water.