World Press on the report by Iran's Ministry of Intelligence (November 8, 2012)

"A sober analysis assessing the possible threat of a military
confrontation over Iran’s nuclear program and highlighting the
benefits of negotiations to avert a deeper crisis has been published
by a surprising source: Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence," the
beginning of the article "Iranian ministry suggests openness to
nuclear talks" published today by the Washington Post reads.
"The findings in the report suggest that the ministry has a pragmatic
understanding of the challenges the country faces, the cost it is
paying for continuing uranium enrichment at current levels, the threat
of Israeli aggression and, perhaps most important, a way out of the
stalemate. Although the statement refers to Israel as the “Zionist
regime,” it is otherwise devoid of the ideological tone that
characterizes most ministry reports and that has been the Iranian norm
for decades. Instead, the arguments in the 1,200-word report reflect
many of the views agreed on by international advocates of a negotiated
solution, namely that the potential destruction caused by strikes on
Iran’s nuclear facilities would set back the program by only a few
years at most and that diplomacy is a preferred way forward," the
article continues.
"The report, titled 'Reasons and Obstacles of a Military Attack by the
Zionist Regime Against Iran,' also makes a clear distinction between
positions on Iran’s nuclear program held by the Israeli government and
the U.S. administration. It says President Obama “hopes to solve this
issue peacefully and through diplomacy,” the author of the article
"With Obama’s reelection Tuesday, there is guarded hope in Tehran and
Washington that a solution agreeable to all parties in the nuclear
standoff might finally be possible" the article concludes.


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