World press on US and Israel's stance on Iran (November 13, 2012)

The Jerusalem Post published an article by Barry Rubin entitled 'Israel’s situation, strategy in Obama’s second term.'


"What should Israel’s policy and priorities be during President Barack Obama’s second term? There will be two key themes: minimize antagonism and cope with the negative consequences of US regional policy," the article begins.


"Although it is possible to pretend differently, the reality is that Obama will never attack Iranian nuclear installations or support an Israeli attack. This situation, among other factors, makes an Israeli attack on Iran extremely unlikely. That in itself is not necessarily a bad thing. The problem is that Obama will not launch a credible and systematic effort to contain Iran’s aggressive policy, as opposed to putting in place early-warning stations and defensive missiles in the Gulf and making verbal threats of retaliation," the article reads.


"Ironically, the solution – aside from Israel’s own defensive efforts – is the very Sunni Islamist power that also threatens Israel. Given the rise of Sunni Islamism and the Syrian civil war, Iran’s influence is going to be largely restricted to Lebanon and, to a lesser extent, Iraq."


"But what if Israel perceives a credible threat from a nuclear-armed Iran? How much help can it expect from Obama? Of course, he will say the right things. Yet the US judgment on what constitutes a real threat which must be countered even by military force is going to differ sharply from that of Israel. As long as it is just a question of Iran getting nuclear weapons, that disagreement matters less. If it comes to a possibility of Iran using nuclear weapons that gap will be a matter of life and death," Ruben writes.


"So Obama’s reelection is a serious problem for Israel, albeit not a catastrophe or a threat to the state’s existence," the author concludes.


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