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Tbilisi, Minsk get on track

Tbilisi, Minsk get on track

Georgian authorities consider the customs union, recently established by Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, may become a transport corridor for Georgian wines to Russia, imports of which were banned in 2006.

Chess politics

Chess politics

The Russian Chess Federation  has appealed to the FIDO  with a request to change the standing order of this year’s chess championships.

UN court approves Kosovo's declaration of independence

Kosovo's unilateral declaration of independence from Serbia did not run counter to the norms of international law, the president of the UN International Court of Justice (ICJ) said on Thursday, RIA Novosti reports.Serbia had claimed that Kosovo's secession violated its territorial integrity.Kosovo's independence was backed by the U.S. and a large number of EU members, but Russia has always been opposed to it.

Ukraine appoints new ambassador to Armenia

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has appointed Ivan Kuhta as ambassador to Armenia, Trend reports.

US to finance Georgian police

About $20.5 million in US financial aid will be allocated for the needs of the Georgian law-enforcement services, Business Georgia reports, citing Georgia's premier Nika Gilauri.The Georgian government will also spend $68.5 on housing improvements for refugees from Abkhazia.

Russian tourists have problems crossing border in Abkhazia

The several kilometer long queue of cars started on River Psou at the border post between Russia and Abkhazia. People spend 6 hours waiting to cross the border. The problem is that customs and border control takes too much time.At the same time Interfax reported that crossing the bridge on foot takes over 3 hours. People spend hours on the sun because the post is not intended for so many people. People report that crossing the post on Abkhaz territory takes only a few minutes.

Russian tourists discharged from hospital

The Russian tourists injured in a road accident involving their minibus in Antalia on Thursday morning have been discharged from hospital and taken back to their holiday destination, the director of tourist insurance department of ROSNO, Svetlana Shvab, told RIA Novosti.

Washington to provide Armenia with $2.8 million to fight crime

The government of Armenia agreed at a session on Thursday to conclude a protocol on introducing amendments to the  letter ofagreement on cooperation in controlling drug trafficking and law-enforcement, News Armenia reports. According to the Prosecutor-General of Armenia, Agvan Ovsepyan, the protocol includes providing Armenia with $2.8 million. $300 thousand will be spent on fighting human trafficking, $752.9 thousand on developing law-enforcement, $400 thousand on developing crime-fighting institutions.

"Azerbaijan Hava Yollari" and Boeing sign plane purchase agreement

Aviation constructor Boeing and the national airline company "Azerbaijan Hava Yollari" (Azerbaijani airlines) have signed an agreement replacing two Boeing 737s with a next-generation Boeing 767-300ER and two Boeing-767 cargo aircraft, Trend reports, citing the official site of Boeing. Altogether, "Azerbaijan Hava Yollari" will recieve eight planes: two Boeing-767-300ERs, two Boeing-767 cargo aircraft, two Boeing-737s and two Boeing-787-8s.

Armenia issues $100,000 to Kyrgyzstan as humanitarian aid

The government of Armenia provided Kyrgyzstan with humanitarian aid of approximately $109,000, News Armenia reports.Armenian Minister of Finance, Tigran Davtyan, said that Kyrgyzstan had requested humanitarian, financial and technical aid from CIS countries. The south of Kyrgyzstan saw armed fights between Kyrgyz and Uzbek inhabitants. The total number of people killed has reached 2 thousand, with thousands wounded. Approximately 2,500buildings were destroyed in the Osh and Jalal-Abad regions of Kyrgyzstan.

Vessel with Georgian flag detained

The ship "Vasilius", sailing under the Georgian flag, has been detained in a Libyan port. According to Georgia Online, citing the Georgian Foreign Ministry, there were 11 crew-members, 4 of them Georgians, the others Azerbaijani and Ukrainian.

Bagapsh and Kokoity visit Venezuela

The presidents of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Sergey Bagapsh and Edward Kokoity, have arrived on a visit to Venezuela. They will meet the President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez.According to Interfax, citing the Abkhaz delegation, they will sign various interstate agreements, in particular, documents on visa-free regimes and aviation transport.

UEFA president to visit Georgia

The President of the Union of European Football Associations, Michel Platini, will visit Georgia on August 9th. It will be his 3rd visit to the country, the Georgian Football Federation (GFF) reports. The President of the GFF, Zviad Sichinava, told journalists that one of the main issues they will discuss is the possibility of holding the final of the European Cup in Tbilisi in 2012-2013, Trend reports.

Oil giants to spend $1 bil on oil spill prevention

A group of the world“s largest oil companies, including Exxon Mobil Corp, Royal Dutch Shell, ConocoPhillips and Chevron Corp, are to invest $1 billion on developing a new system of oil spill localisation for the Gulf of Mexico, Reuters reports, citing a declaration by the group. The system they plan to establish will function at a depth of 3,000 metres, twice the depth of the oil spill from the Macondo borehole.

Turkish foreign minister prepares present for Clinton’s daughter

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu has decided to present the daughter of the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with a vase. This generosity can be explained by the wedding of Chelsea Clinton in the near future, Armenia Today reports. Davutoglu told Hillary Clinton, during her visit to Kabul, that he decided not to bring the vase due to security concerns. The minister will send it via diplomatic means.

Georgian parliament sets two memorial dates

The Georgian parliament has passed a decree, introducing a commemoration of the Day of Soviet Occupation. The government of Georgia earlier proposed the commemoration of this day, Georgia Online reports.The day will be celebrated on February 25th – the day Soviet forces entered Tbilisi (February 25th, 1921), which led to Georgia joining the USSR. State flags will be hung on administrative buildings and a minute of silence will be introduced. 

Borjomi increases sales in Estonia

Estonian ‘Varska Vesi’ and Georgian ‘Borjomi’ mineral waters are the most popular brands on the Estonian mineral water market.Sales of ‘Borjomi’ increased by 70% this year. The turnover of ‘Varska Vesi’ increased by 96% on the Prisma trade network, ‘Borjomi’ – by 116%. Experts expect the indicators to rise due to the heat in July, Trend reports. According to the trade site ‘Shelver’, sales of mineral water doubled compared to last year, and tripled compared to the winter season.

Bulgaria signs agreement on Nabucco construction

The government of Bulgaria signed an agreement on constructing the Bulgarian section of the Nabucco gas pipeline with its operator, RIA Novosti reports, citing the US newspaper Upstream.The operator of the project is a consortium consisting of Austrian OMV, Hungarian MOL, Romanian Transgaz, Turkish Botas and German RWE. The project is a competitor of the ‘South Stream’ gas pipeline project, an agreement on which was signed between Russia and Bulgaria on July 16th.

Armenia is industrial growth leader in Caucasia

According to the results of the last 5 months of this year, Armenia is in 4th place in industrial growth among CIS countries. Armenian industrial growth is 12.1% compared to the same period last year, reports. The leader among CIS countries is Kyrgyzstan, with a growth rate of 56.8%. The Intergovernmental Statistical Committee of the CIS clarified that such indicators are due to the gold mines of ‘Kumtor’ working at full capacity.

Bagapsh, Kokoity and Ortega sign friendship agreements

Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Nicaragua have signed agreements of friendship and cooperation, as well as agreements on trade-economic cooperation and visa-free regimes, Georgia Online reports.Sergey Bagapsh awarded his counterpart from Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, the highest award in Abkhazia – order of Honor and Fame of the first degree, and Eduard Kokoity was awarded with the order ‘Hero of South Ossetia’.