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Kokoity: EU must assess Georgian "information provocation"

The situation with the demonstration of the Georgian TV Company "Imedi" TV report about the supposed invasion of Russian forces in Georgia and the murder of President Mikheil Saakashvili and the ensuing movement of the Georgian forces to the border of South Ossetia should be discussed at the next round of Geneva consultations on security issues in the Caucasus, South Ossetian President Eduard Kokoity considers, RIA Novosti reported.

Iran defeated the network of American cyber-spies

Ministry of Justice of Islamic Republic of Iran has issued a special statement in which it informed of defeat of "sponsored by the United States network of cyber-spies,"  MIGnews reports.

Russia will demand an explanation of the NATO concerning the story about the "invasion"

 For fabricating the story of the Georgian channel "Imedi" to attack Russian forces in Georgia is the country's president, Mikhail Saakashvili. This opinion was expressed by the Permanent Representative of Russia to NATO Dmitry Rogozin, who expressed the intention to draw attention of the leadership of the North Atlantic Alliance to this provocation. "Through the lies and provocations, Saakashvili continues to play off brotherly Georgian and Russian peoples.

EU considers sanctions against Iran

In the European Union has been achieved assent to imposition of sanctions against Iran - in connection with  enrichment of uranium conducted by Tehran. This statement was made by Finnish Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Stubb, Radio Liberty reports. Speaking in Saariselka during the meeting of EU foreign ministers, the Minister expressed  hope that he manage to convince China and Russia in necessity to vote for UN resolution,  imposing new sanctions against Iran.

The Swedish Government won’t ratify the resolution on the "Armenian Genocide"

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt expressed to his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan his regret about the adoption  of the Parliament resolution on the so-called "Armenian genocide," the Trend News reports with reference to the television channel CNN Turk and the press-service of the Turkish premier. "We as a government, won’t  ratify this resolution," - said Reinfeldt during a telephone conversation with Erdogan last night.

Dyke breach in Kazakhstan caused casualties

In Aksu District of Alma-Ata region of the reservoir "Kyzylagash" due to rainfall and raise temperatures on March 11, about 22 hours, there was dyke breach on the eastern side. Pouring water waterloged 257 households in the village of the same name, inhabited by about 3 thousand people. The number of deaths as a result of dyke breach in the village Kyzylagash of Alma-Ata region, Kazakhstan has reached 35 people, ITAR-Tass reports, referring to local media.

Condolence of “Vestnik Kavkaza” to Alexander Zinker.

Team of internet-portal “Vestnik Kavkaza” pays respects to Israeli political scientist Alexander Zinker about the death of his mother.

“Arkia” aimed at Azerbaijan.

Israeli airline “Arkia”- Israeli airlines at the nearest future may receive permission for regular passenger flights between Israel and Azerbaijan. It got around to “Vestnik Kavkaza” from the sources in the company.

A government commission on the immortalization of memory of the first President was set up in Abkhazia.

The Head of Abkhazia Sergey Bagashp has set up a government commission on the immortalization of memory of National Hero, the first President of the Republic Vladislav Ardzinba.

The former special representative of U.N.O on Abkhazia disproved the negotiations in Sukhumi.

The former special representative of secretary general of U.N.O. on the settlement of Georgian-Abkhazian conflict, now the professor of Potsdam University Diter Boden who have come to Tbilisi on Saturday and before that had been in Abkhazia has disproved the suppositions of Georgian politicians that he had considered there his document about the division of authority between Tbilisi and Sukhumi.

Trans-Caucasian motorway is again open for the traffic.

Trans-Caucasian motorway which was closed for the traffic from 3 am Moscow time of Saturday because of the danger of rockfall to the road under advice of anti-avalanche service is again open for the traffic form 10.30 am Moscow time on Saturday – has reported to RIA Novosti the Head of the press service of EMERCOM of North Ossetia Juliya Starchenko.

Iran is ready to sign a non-aggression pact with the countries of the region.

Iran is ready to sign a non-aggression pact with the countries of the region.

Iran isn’t an enemy of Saudi Abaria and  “the existing on the Middle East crisis is created by USA for achievement of it’s own aims including the usage of Middle Eastern petroleum reserves” – said the adviser of speaker of Iranian Parliament on the Foreign Policy Hussein Sheikhulislam – reports the information agency ISNA quoting the TV channel Al-Alem.

Turkey prepares a strict answer to Sweden.

Ankara’s answer on the acceptance of “Armenian genocide” by Swedish Parliament will be strict – said Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu who is now in Finland with an informal visit – reports Trend News agency quoting CNN Turk.

Iran increases gas exports

The Deputy Director General of the National Iranian Gas Company Keshkuli,  visited the Gilan Province to participate in the ceremony of bringing into service a new gas pipeline and said that this year Iran has increased its gas exports, reports Armenia Today. According to Keshkuli, since the beginning of this year from Iran to Turkey and Armenia was supplied an average of 26 million cubic meters of gas daily. This is a 21% increase in comparison with last year's figures.

Yevkurov expects aggravation of situation in Ingushetia after the raid to the village of Ekazhevo

The President of Ingushetia, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov expects aggravation of situation in the republic after  suspected militants gang liquidation , RIA Novosti reports.Special operation in Ingush village of Ekazhevo was held on March 2. According to the FSB of Russia, were killed six militants from the gang, which, according to the investigation, was involved in the blasting the train "Nevsky Express”, November 2009. Another ten suspected militants were detained.

GUAM will consider the experience of the Visegrád Group

 GUAM (Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova) will consider the experience of the Visegrád Group(Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia) in matters of international trade, investment and energy policy , said Georgian Deputy …

Hillary Clinton invites Armenian President to Washington

At the initiative of the American side there was held a phone conversation between the President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan h and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, reports PanARMENIAN.Net.During the meeting, U.S. Secretary of State conveyed to the head of Armenia an invitation to participate in a summit on the global nuclear safety, initiated by the President of the United States. However, she expressed hope that parties will continue discussions on bilateral, regional and international issues. The summit will be held in Washington in mid-April.

Russia, India beginning to cooperate in nuclear energy

Russia and India have signed a road map for large-scale cooperation between the two countries in the civil nuclear energy sector. Also as a result of the visit of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to India, a document on the establishment of a joint venture for the production of ground-based navigational equipment to receive signals from Russia's Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) has been signed, Interfax reported.

Co-chairmen of OSCE Minsk Group have common approach to Karabakh solution

The co-chairing countries of the OSCE Minsk Group have a common approach on the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the French co-chairman Bernard Fassier said on Friday, RIA Novosti reports."The country-mediators of the Karabakh settlement may have disagreements or different positions on other issues, but on the Karabakh issue, we are working in an atmosphere of harmony and cooperation," Fassier said at a seminar of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Roth Rose in Yerevan.

EU enlargement commissioner to visit Turkey

European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy Stefan Fule will make an official visit to Turkey on March 15-16, for talks on the main issues of Turkish-EU cooperation, reports Trend news agency with reference to an EU statement."I am sure that eventually, Turkey will become an updated, modern and reformed country whose membership of the EU will be in the interest of both sides," Fule said before leaving.Fule’s visit to Turkey is the first since he was appointed several months ago.