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Interview with editor-of-chief of Vestnik Kavkaz Alexei Vlasov for analytical publication Euro-Asia

Interview with editor-of-chief of Vestnik Kavkaz Alexei Vlasov for analytical publication "Euro-Asia"

Alexei Vlasov, in a recent exclusive interview, the famous American analyst Thomas Ambrosio said that the USA accepted that the South Caucasus is a sphere of influence for Russia. Do you think this statement is correct?

Lavrov confirms Security Council agreement reached on Iran

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov confirmed during a phoneconversation with US State Secretary Hillary Clinton that a generalunderstanding among the so-called Iran Six over a UN Security Councilresolution against Iran has been reached, reports Interfax.He also added that "the next phase of work on the resolution projectwill be continued within the framework of the Security Council" andnon-permanent members will have an opportunity to express their viewson the new resolution on Iran.

Tehran not fulfilling its obligations - Clinton

Iran's refusal to freeze its 20% uranium enrichment program is anobvious violation of its international commitments, US Secretary ofState Hillary Clinton told a Senate Foreign Relations Committeehearing, reports ITAR-TASS.According to Clinton, Iran continues to store enriched uranium,regardless of the international community's concerns.She also said that the US had agreed on a new Security Councilresolution on Iran "with the cooperation of both Russia and China".In an apparent attempt to deter the

Abkhazia will consult with Italy on agro-industrial complex

Abkhazia will adopt the experience of Italy's South Tirol inagricultural development, Apsnypress reports, citing AbkhazianMinister of Agriculture Yuri Akaba, who was on a visit to the Italianprovinces of Bolzano-Bozen (South Tirol).The agrarian sector is one of the leading spheres in the economy ofSouth Tirol's agrarian sector. At the same time, the Italian provincehas the highest living standards in the world. The main line of workis growing fruits: 10% of European apples come from South Tirol.

Murder suspect extradited from Russia to Abkhazia for first time

An Abkhazian national accused of murder was deported to Abkhazia fromRussia on May 15th in the first case of its kind.Andronik Nersesian is accused of murdering a man from the republic'sGulripshskiy region in August 1999, Interfax reports.According to Golos Rossii, the Prosecutor-General's office of Abkhaziasent over 15 requests to Russia to extradite people for seriouscrimes.

Italian director makes documentary about Armenia

An Italian director Pyetro Kiodarli, inspired by his last year's visitto Armenia, made a documentary called 'The Sacred Stones of Armenia',Armenia Today reports.According to the Armenian Foreign Ministry, the presentation of the52-minute film in Italy about Christianity, Medieval monuments, oldtemples, monasteries, and churches described by Armenian and Italianhistorians and architects, has already taken place.

Brazil, Turkey to participate in Iran Six talks

Brazil, Turkey to participate in Iran Six talks

Brazil and Turkey are willing to participate in Iran Six (the fivepermanent members of UN Security Council plus Germany) on the Iraniannuclear issue, France Press reported on Tuesday, citing the foreignpolicy advisor to the Brazilian president.On Monday, the foreign ministers of Iran, Brazil and Turkey signed anagreement on the exchange of Tehran's low-enriched (3.5%) uranium forhighly-enriched (to 20%) fuel for Tehran's science research reactor.

Iran lifts ban on import of Kazakh grain

A ban on the import of Kazakh grain to Iran has been lifted, Trendreports, citing the press-service of the Kazakh Ministry ofAgriculture.

USA, Russia and China agree on resolution on Iran

The USA, Russia and China have agreed on a new UN Security Councilresolution on Iran, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said athearings in the U.S. Senate on the ratification of the new STARTtreaty, RIA Novosti reports.Representatives of the Iran Six are still discussing the text of theresolution project on possible additional sanctions against Tehran,developed by the USA. The 'six' failed to agree on the US propositionand the diplomats believe that the resolution approval process maycontinue until June.

All-Russia practical science conference in Grozny

The All-Russia practical science conference in Chechnya's StateUniversity, dedicated to the 65th anniversary of victory over Nazism,started today Grozny-Inform reports.The forum organizers were the government of Chechnya and the ChechenAcademy of Science. Among the participants are scientists, historians,spokesmen from ministries and agencies, Higher Education teachers andstaff from science-research institutes, as well as museums of Moscow,St. Petersburg and the North Caucasus republics.

Kazakh oil and gas equipment makers are ready to cooperate with near abroad

The creation of joint-ventures or alliances, primarily with well-knownmanufacturers from former Soviet republics is important for thedevelopment of Kazakh oil and gas equipment production, a KazMunayGazspokesman told VK.He believes that joint ventures will allow nearby republics to enterthe Kazakh market. Azerbaijan, Tatarstan, and Bashkiria specialized inthe production of oil and gas equipment and engineering, even theSoviet times, Bolat Tashmetov said.

Exploratory drilling on Absheron to start in October

The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) and French Total stillintend to go ahead with exploratory drilling at Absheron in theAzerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea. The head of SOCAR's drillingdepartment, Shaik Bekirov, said that the drilling will start inOctober this year using the Lider drilling installation, 1news.azreports.According to Bekirov, the new exploratory drill hole will be situatednear the first one, "which is a more beneficial spot".

Moscow to see discussion of South Caucasus problems in participation with Vestnik Kavkaza

Moscow to see discussion of South Caucasus problems in participation with "Vestnik Kavkaza"

The Russian capital city will host an international conference "Social and Economic development of the South Caucasus: problems and perspectives" organized by the Azerbaijani Center for Strategic Researches (CSR), Moscow State University, the Russian State Humanitarian University, the center for topical research "Alternative", and the news-analytical website "Vestnik Kavkaza". The conference will be held on May 20th.

Armenian rescue services to receive Japanese vehicles

Under the joint program of the Japanese International CooperationAgency and the Armenian Emergency Ministry, the Armenian rescueservices will receive 28 fire-fighting vehicles. The cost of the dealis estimated at $8 million, reports Armenia Today.

Turkish Foreign Minister plans to visit Belarus this summer

The Turkish Foreign Minister plans to visit Belarus this summer,reports BELTA. This was announced at a session of theinterparliamentary group 'Turkey-Belarus'.The Turkish representative noted that Turkey considers Belarus anindispensable part of European civilization, and that it will give allpossible assistance to promote Belarus' integration into Europeanstructures. He also said that the 'Turkey-Belarus' group is a positivemodel of interparliamentary cooperation.

Yerevan to host international conference on Caucasus issues

An international conference, "The situation in the Caucasus region,perspectives for regional security", organized by the CIS statesresearch center and its Armenian department, will be hosted by Yerevanon May 25th."The conference will see discussion of the new geo-political situationin the Caucasus region and analysis of the policy of the SouthCaucasus states, Russia, the EU, the US, Iran and Turkey in theregion," - said the director of the CIS Research Center and member ofthe State Duma, Konstantin Zatulin, reports

Russia welcomes the agreement on Iran and proposes to continue consultations

Dmitri Medvedev, the Russian president, welcomes the agreement on uranium enrichment signed by Iran, Turkey and Brazil, but he is not sure that the document solves all the problems of Iran's nuclear program. "In any case, we welcome this agreement. It is a political and diplomatic solution", he said. As for enrichment of uranium in Iran, Medvedev said that it seemed that this work may be continuing, so some doubts remained, ITAR TASS reports his words.

Russia and Ukraine call for peaceful solution of the problem of Transdniestria

Dmitri Medvedev and Viktor Yanukovich have signed a range of statements at their meeting in Kiev, RIA Novosti reports. Amongst them, Russia and Ukraine will cooperate more in naval affairs. Also, they believe that the conflict in the republic of Transdniestria can only be resolved peacefully. The question of abolishing the visa regime between Russia, Ukraine and the EU was also discussed.

Tbilisi obtains "European Diploma"

The Georgian capital Tbilisi has become a holder of the "European Diploma" of 2010, established by the European Council in the area of international relations. Georgia Online reports that the decision to give the award was made by the corresponding EU committee in Strasbourg. The prize is given to cities which cooperate with its twin cities, international organizations and introduce European ideals.

Ali Khamenei compliments the Brazilian president on his active position

The president of Brazil, Lula da Silva, has met the supreme leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei. Ali Khamenei pointed out that he respects the position of Brazil in international affairs. He said that it is very important now to allow independent states to cooperate against imperialistic countries. He said he appreciated the foreign policy of Brazil, especially in its confrontation with the USA on many questions, including meeting with Iranian authorities.