Vladimir Putin

Putin awards honorary title to 20 cities

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree to award the honorary title ‘City of Labor Valor’ to 20 Russian cities. The document was uploaded to the Kremlin website.  Among the 20 cities are Nizhny Novgorod, …

Russia supports constitutional amendments

The constitutional amendments have been supported by 77.92% of Russians who took part in the nationwide vote, the Central Election Commission (CEC) said after counting 100% of ballots. According to the election commission, 21.27% …

Putin takes part in vote on constitutional amendments

Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in the nationwide vote on the amendments to the Constitution. The head of state visited a polling station at the Russian Academy of Sciences building in southwestern Moscow, where he …

Russia holds voting day on constitutional amendments

The main voting day on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation is being held nationwide today, on July 1. By the decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin, this day has been declared non-working. A public …

Putin says he is used to criticism

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he is used to criticism, which he thinks inevitable. "No, I have got used to it," he said in an interview with the Russia. Kremlin. Putin documentary broadcast by the Rossiya-1 …