Ray of hope in Turkish-Armenian relations

A rare ray of hope is shining across the snow-capped mountains towering over Turkey's northeastern edge, as the first direct contact in years between Turkish and Armenian envoys is set to take place in Moscow on Friday in an attempt to …

Lunar race heats up

India, Japan, Russia, and South Korea will also launch their respective moon missions in 2022

How Huawei contributes to digitalization in Karabakh

As a first crucial step, the Azerbaijani government has been persistently focusing on the development of a safe and secure environment and living conditions for returnee populations in newly liberated territories from Armenian occupation by implementing advanced technologies and enhancing connectivity

Are the Armenian nationalists against the CSTO?

The situation in Kazakhstan has prompted the CSTO leadership to deploy, for the first time in the organization’s history, a limited military contingent in order to stabilize the republic. In addition to the servicemen of Russia, …

Israel-China trade under US preassure?

On Monday, sources in the Israeli government leaked the news that Israel had informed the US State Department that, from now on, all major business deals between Israel and China would be cleared with Washington first

How Turkish-Saudi ties can move forward

The winds of normalisation are blowing across the Middle East bringing calm to the Gulf and to ties between Turkey and Egypt. The latest rapprochement appears to be between Turkiye and Saudi Arabia,  …