Appearance of “German G28 rifles” in Karabakh turned out to be fake news - FACTS

Appearance of “German G28 rifles” in Karabakh turned out to be fake news - FACTS

After some media outlets spread information that Karabakh separatists armed themselves with G28 rifles produced by German arms concern Heckler & Koch, I immediately got a feeling that this was simply “fake news”.

First of all, Germany doesn't sell lethal weapons to countries that participate in active armed conflicts. Website of the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control of Germany has an interesting document called Übersicht über die länderbezogenen Embargos (“Embargo Review by Countries”). It's a pretty new document, published on January 24, 2019, and it says that both Armenia and Azerbaijan are considered countries that Germany can't export weapons to accordance with the OSCE resolution of February 28, 1992, as well as the second paragraph of the fourth article of the European Council Regulation 428/2009.

Reader can then assume that Armenia received German sniper rifles not directly from Germany, but through some other country, which is not affected by this embargo. From legal point of view, such move would be against the law, since any importer of German weapons, including products manufactured by Heckler & Koch, signs the so-called Endverbleibserklärung - obligation that importer is the final recipient of exported products and will not resell them to another country. If it turns out that recipient country violated its obligations, then all contracts for supply of arms to that country would be canceled. Will any country go on with such dangerous procedure and risk halting all existing military ties with Germany for meager military Armenian market, which is lives on Russian military loans?

Finally, there's another very important evidence. Photographs of Armenian militant who is allegedly using G28 sniper rifle, published by the media, definetely prove that it's simply fake news. After all, photo shows that militant is holding sports rifle MR 308 A3-28-20, and not army G28 rifle (7.62 mm caliber). By the way, this weapon can be purchased at any sports gun shops for 3299 euros. As noted in the description of this weapon (p. 10), the MR 308 A3 rifle is designed for sports shooting from distance of 400 meters or 800 meters (with telescopic sight).

We also offer readers to compare sports rifle in the hands of separatist with photo of real military weapon.

Hunting rifle in the hands of separatist

This is what the G28 military rifle looks like:



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