Armenia has its own Gabunia now

Armenia has its own Gabunia now

Today the correspondent of the ArmenianReport newspaper Tevos Arshakyan was mentioned during the broadcast of the Echo of Moscow radio station. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Azerbaijan to Russia Polad Bulbul oglu quoted an article by the Armenian author "Russia and the CSTO - fie on you!" The host of "Echo of Moscow" retorted to the Azerbaijani diplomat: "Well, I think they are picking up phrases for you, of course, the brightest on this topic."

However, if you read the full text of Mr. Arshakyan's article, it becomes clear that the quotes cited by the Azerbaijani ambassador are not yet the brightest, and the Armenian journalist skillfully manipulates public opinion, distorting the meaning of what is happening on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, where from noon on July 12, the units of the armed forces Armenia, having violated the ceasefire in the Tovuz region, fired on Azerbaijani positions from artillery installations and tried to seize the combat positions of Azerbaijan.

According to the author of ArmenianReport, Armenia was subjected to "aggression from a neighbor who has gone mad from petrodollars and a large amount of military equipment", but "The Armenian Armed Forces adequately reflect the inclinations of the Azeri military to the Armenian borderland."

In theory, if an occupying army “adequately repels aggression,” then it does not need help. However, in Yerevan, “moving the arrows”, she turned to the Collective Security Treaty Organization, calling on the CSTO members “to solidarity in the context of the aggravation of the situation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border and mutual support in accordance with the spirit and letter of the organization's charter”. The CSTO took note of the information.

Why is it so dry? Because the same Russia, which Mr. Arshakyan is attacking in the first place, remains the mediator in the settlement of the conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh, and therefore, even if it wishes, cannot take the side of one of the participants. In this case, Moscow can only say "Break!", But not get involved in an armed conflict.

The reaction of the military-political bloc was quite expected - the CSTO stated many times that they were not going to "harness" for Armenia. But the current rejection sparked an overly emotional reaction:

“Have you already been foolish at your place in Moscow? Or are you blind? Can't you see who in this case is the victim and who is the aggressor? What restraint is said in Moscow when the second day Azeri artillery works in our settlements in Tavush? You at least look at how Turkey stood up for the defense of Azerbaijan. It is worth recognizing that Ankara openly demonstrates to the whole region that it is a genuine military-political ally of Baku and is even ready for military action for the sake of Azeris. Alas, Armenia cannot boast of such an ally in the person of Russia - the Russians once again betrayed us, leaving us alone with an aggressor armed to the teeth, including Russian weapons. "

Indeed, yesterday the Turkish Foreign Ministry, and today the head of the Turkish Defense Ministry, Hulusi Akar, declared their full support for Azerbaijan against the background of the military escalation, while blaming Armenia for what was happening. Did Yerevan expect another reaction from Ankara? Or, referring to Turkey's support for Azerbaijan, are they trying to play it off against Moscow?

One way or another, Mr. Arshakyan assures readers that it is no longer worth counting on Moscow's support, and he does it in his own very peculiar manner, reminiscent of the style of presenting information of the Georgian journalist Georgy Gabunia. “Damn you, shameless ones! Not only are you silent about aggression against a member of the CSTO, you canceled the meeting under any pretext. Everyone is ready to do so as not to help Armenia, if only to please the fuel oil sultanate. It is understandable - both Nazarbayev and Lukashenko, the leaders of Kazakhstan and Belarus, are brothers of Aliyev, wear medals and orders named after his father. Under no circumstances will they quarrel with Aliyev. Moreover, for the sake of democratic Armenia ... They will sell us to Azeris and Turks with giblets, ”the Armenian journalist predicts.

Indeed, the majority of the CSTO members sympathize with the position of Baku, so it is not entirely clear why Armenia so needed a meeting of the bloc.

Summing up his reasoning, the citizen of “democratic Armenia” asks himself topical, in his opinion, questions: “Maybe it’s enough for us to play along with the dying empire and it's time, finally, to make the final choice in favor of the West? But first, it is necessary to escort Russian military bases from the territory of Armenia. Why should Armenia feed Russian pigs, which are of no use? "


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