Armenian media: RPA capitulation gives freedom from Russian "11th Army" occupation

Armenian media: RPA capitulation gives freedom from Russian "11th Army" occupation

Protest actions in Armenia have resumed. Supporters of the opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan, who wasn't elected prime minister yesterday, started blocking roads in Yerevan, as well as highways leading to airports. As a result, the South Caucasus Railways CJSC temporarily stopped the movement of trains as protesters blocked railway crossings, and the State Revenue Committee of Armenia expressed concern over obstacles created for vehicles with food entering Armenia due to a campaign to block the roads, which could pose a threat to the country's food security.

The second round of the elections of the new Prime Minister of Armenia will be held on May 8, the candidates are still unknown. The RPA further actions are unclear, but the Armenian media, whose articles are becoming increasingly anti-Russian, have seen the shadow of the Kremlin in the actions of the RPA.  Vestnik Kavkaza presents the assessment of the situation by

"A general strike is declared on the territory of the whole republic," Nikol Pashinyan said at a rally on the Republic Square on May 30. "All roads are blocked on May 2 startung from 08:15 am, a total strike is announced, the airport and the railway are blocked. Our movement cannot fail, there is no such option," he said.

It was the first reaction of the national movement to the decision of the RPA, which failed to elect Nikol Pashinyan to the post of prime minister. To say that by this step the parliamentary majority generated an unprecedented political crisis is an understatement. Yesterday the RPA closed the political way to resolve the conflict, while not offering any alternative or recipe to reorganize political power, restore the normal course of life. The counter revolution has resorted to a counterattack, the target of which is Armenia's statehood, democracy and politics in general.

The Armenian parliament was legitimized for a short time yesterday, becoming the state institution that could resolve the political crisis in the country by institutionalizing the victory of society, the consequences of the revolution. It would not even be a capitulation to its own people, it would be rather perceived as the RPA's unforgettable contribution to the process of forming a state of new quality. But the counter-revolution - in the person of the RPA, resorted to a counterattack, the consequence of which is the total vacuum of political power and state institutions.

In other words, the parliamentary majority provoked anarchy, which was essentially an act of surrender - not to its own people, but to Robert Kocharyan, Russia. This is a manifestation of total irresponsibility - failing to nominate its own candidate, but rejecting the candidate of the popular movement, the candidate of the entire consolidated political palette. This automatically implies recognition in one's own political bankruptcy, and paves the way for the return of Robert Kocharyan - perfectly aware that the latter has only one way of holding "dialogue" with society - March 1.

Yesterday, the counter-revolution launched a counter-offensive with Russian flags, inviting the empire to fill the vacuum caused by powerlessness, targeting Saakashvili in the streets of Yerevan, whose ears are artificially searched by the RPA on the central squares and streets of Yerevan. Yesterday, the RPA ceased to be the power, the party, because it has become associated with the "11th Red Army", whose entrance to Armenia symbolizes the Russian occupation and vassalage.

The format and agenda of the political dialogue with the republican majority have in fact exhausted themselves, because only this party's capitulation can save Armenia from Russia's total occupation, which will be manifested in a new bloody March 1. Velvet revolution henceforth became a symbol of freedom and sovereignty of Armenia.


Vestnik Kavkaza

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