Armenian nation should regain its historical memory

Armenian nation should regain its historical memory

Turks and Armenians, who lived together for centuries, discover amazing mental closeness. Two nations are extremely close due to their spirit, their traditions, their centuries-old common history. They were a part of one family, part of one state, part of the Ottoman Empire for 400 years. However, the situation has changed. Historian Philip Ekozyants explains what happened between Turks and Armenians by two facts:

"First of all, we were convinced that we have nothing in common with peoples that were closest to us, with our neighbors and with our blood relatives.

Second of all, we were persuaded that well-known history of Armenian nation of the last 400 years, in other words, the entire Ottoman period, is not our history. That all these 400 years we weren't really citizens of the great Ottoman Empire, a rich, powerful and enlightened state, that we were powerless slaves... Instead of a true history, we were given virtual ancientry, virtual greatness, which, unfortunately, have nothing to do with reality."

Ekozyants believes that as a result of this psycho-historical violence against the people, Armenians became their own enemies: "With its surrealistic claims and demands, expressed to neighboring nations, especially Turkish people, we became outcasts in the closest geographical environment. And we just can't understand that creators of the concept of genocide, creators of moral, historical and territorial claims, who also created this sacrificial image of Armenian people, are our underhanded
and ruthless enemies. We have become isolated, angry, we're ready to destroy everyone who doesn't like our fictional world, the world in which we're the most ancient, the greatest and the biggest victims. Thank God there are enough people among Armenians who managed to stay reasonable. I'm sure and I know that our people will regain their memory and restore all ties, including with Turkish people, Azerbaijani people and Russian people. I listed them in the same ordred in which they drift away from us."

Today Turks and Armenians live in different states, all spiritual, cultural and economic ties are cut. However, historical memory is not that short, and people feel the closeness at a genetic, subconscious level. It can be seen in dances, songs. Below you can watch two videos. In the first one dance of Armenian couple is accompanied by Turkish music. In the second one, participant of the Turkish show "The Voice", George Sheker, sings Turkish song in Turkish, and then tells to the jury members in Armenian: "I'm Armenian".

Свадьба с круговым танцем

Эта пара решила исполнить танец жениха и невесты как в старые добрые времена - в этнографическом стиле.

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