Azerbaijan and EXPO 2025

Azerbaijan and EXPO 2025

As part of the national communication strategy and desirous to strengthen its image at the international scene, since 2000 year Azerbaijan has been an active member of the EXPO movement. The Jerusalem Post reports in its article Azerbaijan and EXPO 2025: an ambitious project to ensure a better future that Azerbaijan's pavilions received awards in the last three exhibitions in Milano in 2015 with more than 3 million visits, in Antalya in 2016 and in Astana in 2017. We are proud of this recognition of our modest contribution to the work of the BIE,” First Vise-President of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva noted recently in Paris at the national reception organized by Azerbaijan within the framework of the candidacy of Baku to host the universal World EXPO in 2025.

“World Expos are a showcase for diversity, based on equality and respect for all cultures. They bring the entire international community together in a unique space for global discussion and cooperation. I therefore believe that Azerbaijan is one of the best places to host this universal platform,” Madame Aliyeva added.

Why Azerbaijan is interested in EXPO 2025

- Azerbaijan history, culture and hospitality that are able to take a better advantage of the country’s tourism potential - Comfortable and interesting geographical location for other countries

- Rich experience in hosting large-scale international events like Baku Global Humanitarian Forum, First European Games, Fourth Islamic Solidarity Games, World Chess Olympiad, Formula 1 Baku Grand Prix since 2016, World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue “Baku Process”, World Summit of Religious leaders

- Azerbaijan is aimed at showing to the world community that being a young country with its 26 years of independence, strong economic potential, political stability, high levels of safety and security, it is able to host huge events like a World Expo.

- Azerbaijan experience in previous editions of universal and specialized Expos (Azerbaijan's pavilions were given special awards at Milano EXPO 2015 and in Astana EXPO 2017) bodes well for the success of the potential Baku EXPO2025.

- The theme chosen by Azerbaijan for the World Expo

– ‘Developing human capital, building a better future’ – is of global importance and of universal concern. Three sub-themes – Talent, Vitality and Achievement – align with three of 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals related to education, health and employment.

The site of the future EXPO in terms of its legacy will be turned into city’s biggest and newest urban park in the east of the Baku city. Two hundred hectares of undeveloped land, set between two growing suburbs, will be transformed into a major extension of the city with a fully integrated transport infrastructure.

- A physical expression of the theme has found its reflection in an eight-pointed star – the national emblem of Azerbaijan that symbolizes the ethnic diversity of Azerbaijani population and exemplary harmonious co-existence of various ethnic groups and faiths in the Land of Fire

While the intricate, geometric patterns of Azerbaijan’s world-renowned carpets provide design inspiration for the plazas and leisure spaces at the expo site area. At the center, an iconic building – the Azerbaijan National Pavilion – will be the main point of reference as visitors navigate through pavilions and parkland.

What will Baku World Expo give to Azerbaijan and to the World?

Among the advantages of hosting a world expo one may, among other things, enumerate the following: significant economic benefits for the host country, 18 million expected visits to Baku Expo 2025, creation of new jobs, establishment of new business relations, improvement of business investment deliverables and of the tourism strategy.

It will also extend the geography of world expos to a new region, a new territory, create a new platform and give a chance to young independent states to welcome the whole world in the best possible conditions

According to First Vice President of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva, after Azerbaijan regained its independence in 1991, the country immediately faced major political, economic and humanitarian challenges that posed a threat to its existence as an independent state. “The most serious of these challenges was the military aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan, as a result of which 20 percent of our country’s territory, including the Nagorno-Karabakh region and seven surrounding districts was occupied, and the illegal occupation is still ongoing,” noted Mehriban Aliyeva. She stressed that more than a million Azerbaijanis became refugees and internally displaced persons in the wake of the brutal ethnic cleansing carried out by Armenia. “The United Nations Security Council adopted four resolutions calling for an immediate, complete and unconditional withdrawal of Armenian troops from the territory of Azerbaijan. These resolutions must be implemented and the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan must be restored,” the first vice president added. “Our theme – ‘Developing human capital, building a better future’ – is indeed of universal concern,” she said. “It addresses the great challenge of our time – the impact of technology and increasing connectivity on humankind. “At Baku Expo 2025, we believe it will be crucial to look beyond technology, and to focus on the people who power economies, communities and creativity – from leaders to ordinary citizens. We will put people… human capital – the world’s most powerful resource – at the center of universal debate. World Expo in Baku will offer the organization a chance to engage with new audiences in a new market.

According to Mehriban Aliyeva, Azerbaijan is a nation on the rise and now it is the nation’s ambition to win the right to host World Expo during the vote due in November 2018 and to host the whole world in 2025. “We are ready to allocate all the necessary funds for the site’s construction and operation as well as to support the participation of developing countries,” she noted. “EXPO in Baku would be another recognition of our achievements during the 26 years of independence. It will also be a strong encouragement for all young, independent countries. It is our sincere ambition to host World Expo 2025. If you entrust us with the honor, we will proudly welcome the world to Azerbaijan and to our beautiful city, Baku,” the First Vice-President concluded.

Let us wish best of luck to our friend and strategic partner – the Republic of Azerbaijan and form a wish that Baku has a successful election campaign and wins the well-deserved right to welcome the biggest international event – a World Expo in the Land of Fire – Azerbaijan in 2025.