Azerbaijanis from all over the world to help families of martyrs

Azerbaijanis from all over the world to help families of martyrs

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on the creation of a fund to support families of the wounded and martyrs (Yashat Foundation), which protected the territorial integrity of the state. The fund will deal with loans and debt obligations of families of martyrs and disabled people, as well as provide them with additional support in the field of social protection.

Mansum Ibrahimov, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Fund, People's Artist of Azerbaijan, said in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza correspondent that the Fund will become a great support for disabled people and families of martyrs: “I support this timely initiative of Mr. President. The Patriotic War ended with our victory. We bow before the martyrs. The state always provides support to martyr families, and the creation of a support fund is an important step in this direction. " Ibrahimov noted that after the end of hostilities, the Azerbaijani people continued to provide assistance to the military and their families - the presence of a large number of those who wanted to help caused the creation of the Fund.

"The Fund is being created at the Asan center, which has a reputation for being a transparent organization. The Fund's Board of Trustees includes 13 representatives of the Azerbaijani intelligentsia. Voluntarily, everyone, whether legal or physical, can create their own office online, transfer donations, and then track where and when these funds were spent. Mansum Ibragimov noted that those wishing to make donations apply from all over the world: "One doctor from Germany told me that he is a member of an organization of 3,000 people who want to help the families of martyrs, take care of the victims during the war, children, pay for their education, pay off a bank loan, provide medical assistance to the wounded in Germany. Now the process of drawing up the Fund's Regulations is underway and it will be ready in the next 7-10 days. "

"This fund is a symbol of our unity. As during the war we united into an iron fist, and now we will unite to provide assistance," said Mansum Ibragimov, adding that the participants of the second Karabakh war do not need to directly contact the Fund, since in the center "Asan" already has all the information about them. Volunteers will come to their homes to learn about their wishes. Based on these wishes, a report will be drawn up and assistance provided. Veterans of the first Karabakh war can also apply for help online. All proposals will be considered

"There are two martyrs in my family. My nephew died heroically, he was in a special task force. All martyrs are equally dear to us. I admire everyone," Ibragimov said.

Another member of the board of trustees of the Yashat fund, Shair Ramaldanov, said that the Fund was created by a presidential decree on the basis of numerous appeals: “People want to donate. Previously, they were doing this individually, but now everything will be centralized. This will help to reach out to martyrs, disabled and family members who need help. "

According to Ramaldanov, the Fund was created so that the public took an active part in providing assistance: “The state has a certain social package, which is drawn up from a state position on the basis of certain laws that have been adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers. And this initiative will be based on donations from people who live both in the country and abroad, as well as individuals, legal entities, organizations, private structures, etc. Anyone can make a donation. Applications from those in need are accepted, the order of receipt of these applications and priority applications are determined. "

The peculiarity of the fund is its transparency. "The public itself can control, receive information about the activities of the fund, which has already begun to receive funds," Ramaldanov said, noting that the fund will help the disabled and the families of martyrs of both Karabakh wars. "We do not divide martyrs into those who died during the first and second wars. Assistance will cover everyone, including those who lost their breadwinner or became disabled in the post-war period, during the restoration of infrastructure in the territory liberated from the occupation," Shair Ramaldanov said ...


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