Donald Trump: three years in control

Donald Trump: three years in control

As Donald Trump sees it, America lucked out with a good President. With his impeachment trial pending, critics see a train wreck. Yet Trump's moment of historic shame comes at a high point for fans -- and explains why Republican senators are in no mood to convict him, CNN reports in its article Trump's impeachment trial comes at a high point for fans.

Border crossings by undocumented migrants are way down. Trump stood up to China, Mexico and Canada and got new trade deals. Freeloading allies are spending more on defense. Unemployment is at half century lows. Stocks are up and who doesn't like rising wages? Those liberal media hacks and Washington snowflakes had it coming. And so what if Trump leaned on Ukraine for dirt on his political rivals?

Take the killing of Qasem Soleimani: Foreign policy sages fret about long-term reprisals from Iran, the administration's unsubstantiated casus belli and an impulsive commander-in-chief. Yet supporters see a decisive President zapping an enemy who had helped kill hundreds of US soldiers, and rocking a regime that preaches "death to America."

You can choose your truth about the Trump presidency. The big trade deals, for example, are effectively climb downs. Mexico never did pay for the wall, and Trump's separation of children from undocumented parents will stain America's conscience. And beyond impeachment, he's knee-deep in financial investigations and accusations of self-dealing.

Trump's historically grim approval ratings should spell 2020 disaster. Much of the rest of the world is rooting against him, and millions of Americans are just exhausted. But a good chunk of the nation thinks Trump is doing a great job, and others may be open to persuasion.

Meanwhile, the President has a potent reelection narrative: Trump the outsider never went native in Washington, and he didn't forget who sent him there. That's his best hope for November's election.


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