Great Armenia and Pashinyan's failed policy

Great Armenia and Pashinyan's failed policy

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, who came to power in the wake of society's dissatisfation with the Serzh Sagrsyan team’s policies, pursues a completely transparent policy typical of European officials, telling about his work and meetings in social networks. “People’s Premier” actively uses his Facebook account, thus receiving feedback from the electorate: under each post Pashinyan gathers from a thousand comments.

Obviously, Facebook users are far from the whole people of Armenia, however, probably, this is still the most active part of the society with a clearly defined civic position. Actually, Nikol Pashinyan was guided by these people, marching across Armenia with a backpack behind him, before turning from a street tribune into the head of the cabinet of ministers.

Then, in 2018, it seemed that with the new prime minister, Armenia would heal according to European standards: corruption would be eradicated, people who committed political or economic crimes would be punished, the economy would begin to come out of endless crises, etc. However, two years later it turned out that there were no changes for the better. This is evidenced not only by opposition experts and political scientists, but also by ordinary people. Vestnik Kavkaza invites readers to read only a few random comments posted under the latest posts by Nikol Pashinyan on Facebook:

Neka Neka Hakopovna: We need to take measures regarding the rent. The minimum amount is 80 thousand drams ($ 160), and this is the monthly salary of the majority of the working population.

Nune Matinyan: Why is the price of bread increasing? Two months ago we bought for 100 drams, and today we buy for 160-200 drams. How to understand this?

Karen Zakaryan: I wanted to spit on your billion dollars allocated in connection with the coronovirus, when thousands of Armenian citizens were forced to leave for Russia to support their families, and now they are sitting at airports and waiting for the plane to return to their families. What did you do to get them back to their home?

Liana Har: During the reign of Sargsyan, in fact, many left. The wealth of the country was plundered. People like Kocharyan moved from village to city, became presidents, deputies. With the money stolen by them, it was possible to support the entire population of Armenia for 10 years.

SH.N.A .: Mr. Prime Minister, how long can you beat around the bush? In the two years since you came to power, one person was arrested, a stolen thief Manvel Grigoryan. But even over him you are not able to organize a lawsuit. If you are really fighting corruption, then you would pass a law in parliament on the return of all that was stolen by the previous authorities and return everything to the state treasury.

Wah. Azatyan: Mr. Prime Minister, how much more should the people endure? How long? How many crimes are still uncovered? How many corrupt officials were arrested? People are waiting for answers to these questions.

To be continued


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