How Pashinyan went to the cemetery

How Pashinyan went to the cemetery

Yesterday the Prime Minister of Armenia led a mourning procession to the Yerablur military cemetery in memory of those killed in the second Karabakh war. Nikol Pashinyan was joined by Speaker of the Parliament Ararat Mirzoyan, Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure Suren Papikyan and some parliamentarians.

The secret laws of "Yerablur" say that there are no "important and unimportant, known and unknown", there "everyone is a hero" and there "everyone is equal."

What happened at the cemetery yesterday cast a shadow on the laws of its structure. Hundreds of protesters gathered at the graves of the dead, who decided not to let the prime minister go to the place of laying flowers. Nikol Pashinyan's supporters and opponents staged a crush on the approaches to the pantheon: some shouted "Nikol is the prime minister", others - "Nikol is a traitor." As a result, the "procession" led by Pashinyan broke through the crowd under the shields of bodyguards. Whether it was appropriate to act out such a performance in the cemetery is a question.

At the same time, people who ignored the procession easily answered another question - why did they personally do it.

They say that they bow before the memory of the fallen, but do not want to participate in a farce: "Nikol Pashinyan turned everything into a farce. Celebrating the New Year without an anthem is a farce. A New Year tree for one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in Republic Square is a farce. Carpet washing on the city day. - a farce. The fight against corruption is a farce. The constitutional referendum is a farce. The fight against the corona virus is a farce. Foreign policy is a farce. War is a farce. Erato's detachment is a farce. And even the forty dead, the commemoration of their memory is a farce. "

Opponents of the "march" call Pashinyan's next campaign manipulation: "He knows that participation in the march will become a stigma for each of those present. He wants to share the burden of this stigma with as many people as possible. A cheap show is organized under the pretext of a day of mourning." of the people. "His procession is as if Heinrich Himmler went to the Auschwitz concentration camp Memorial. As if Chikatilo wore wreaths to the graves of the women he had killed. Or Lavrenty Beria would weep over those shot in the NKVD cellars .... He brought the situation to war, and brought deliberately ... His march is an attempt to turn his personal betrayal into a collective meanness. "


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