Humanity as a whole is too stationary

Humanity as a whole is too stationary

Civilization wrinkled, wrinkled its forehead, wrinkled again and decided to try to return to its former life. The one before the pandemic. While the pandemic is not over yet. Humanity has calculated economic losses and was horrified. Terrified by more than hundreds of thousands of deaths and deaths expected from COVID-19. When oil is the dream and lust of millions, it has gone to minus value, i.e. in order to get rid of the surplus that has formed, you just need to give it away and even pay for the shipment yourself, the decision came by itself.

As President Donald Trump cynically said, only at the initial stage of the spread of coronavirus, one has to calculate what is cheaper: human lives or an economic halt. Now with the choice, it seems clear.

The first, or it’s just more noticeable than anything else, the sports business began to stir. No virus has canceled the "deal of the century" - the purchase by Saudi Arabian companies of the English football club Newcastle. Under British law this cannot be done. The Vestnik Kavkaza once wrote about this. But if you really want to, then you can. Especially in times of crisis - it's about the UK, allowing loopholes the size of the Channel Tunnel in its legislation. But the point is not that - in the end, for “Newcastle”, the club is not with the latest biography, you can rejoice - probably one more strong team will be more. The thing is that the kingdom is discussing options for resuming the national championship. A lot of them. So, they’re about to resume. Has the epidemic receded? No? Or retreated from the moment of recovery of Prime Minister Boris Johnson?

In Germany, clubs are already training and are about to begin. In Spain, which decided to announce the season results according to the intermediate results, i.e. the kind of football riot that the teams had at the time the championship stopped, the bosses immediately started talking about options for extending the tournament in the coming days. The same is true in Italy, which is experiencing a national disaster.

America is considering resuming regular hockey and basketball championships in individual states. That is, transfer all teams to a couple of states that are clean of coronavirus and play there.

Isn't sport an entertainment for a calm and well-fed time? Of course. But this is a huge business. One newspaper wrote that for matches that do not play out, leagues and, therefore, clubs will receive less than hundreds of millions of euros or dollars, which will affect future television contracts: they are unlikely to be able to dictate terms and, therefore, earnings will go downward in comparison with past years.

And television is waiting for them. Anyone who just a month ago would suddenly say that, for example, in the “Match” they would show football from the FIFA console, and the Belarusian championship would be of great interest, they would turn a finger at the temple. But today it is a reality.

Sport is not only athletes and big money. These are thousands more people who are currently unemployed - attendants, manufacturers and sellers of paraphernalia, stadium workers, employees of club structures, analysts, doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, bookmakers, sweepstakes players and many, many others. Sport is an integral and visible part of the global economy. Therefore, they try to return it, like an engine or a spark to revive the rest of the economy. No viewers? Yes, for the sake of the Almighty - money from television covers empty stadiums. And as soon as this engine, even with a "sneeze" and interruptions, works, then everything else will start to pull up.

But what does all this show at the same time? Civilization passes the exam to the ruthless examiner and seems to pass it and continue on his way. From the same point where I stopped. In the same direction as I chose and in what direction.

The world will not be the same after the pandemic? Oh oh Yes, something will not. After all, the invisible СOVID-19 with all its mutations occurred restored the borders between the countries, refreshed the not too forgotten ideas of national identification, drew out national egoism and at the same time demonstrated the vulnerability of world economies, insufficient for instant response to such challenges, the level of science and health. Neither interstate alliances, nor individual countries were ready for a pandemic.

For more than three months, the virus has been attacking humanity. Who cares about China, Korea or Iran? Nothing is recalled, except for the voices of alarm and regret on duty, as well as out of place of the stated cynical suspicions. Where did the vaunted European solidarity go when ceased to bury the dead in northern Italy?

The bulky bureaucratic apparatus of interstate organizations, it seems, did not even make any suitable statements, reinforcing the suspicions that, besides holding pompous conferences and inventing banal recommendations or strange regulations, they are of little use.

Okay, the UN, whose inertia has only been growing for a long time. But the European Union was nearby. It might not have been worth expecting otherwise if the mighty Great Britain left the EU and considers itself free from obligations, including moral ones, and other leaders - Germany and France began to solve their problems within their borders. Or vice versa - the Europeans began to escape alone, because they did not expect anything intelligible from the interstate leadership, from the EU? Only now there were some reports about the readiness of some to help others. I deliberately ignore the recent shameful actions in the form of appropriation by one state of masks intended for another, or protective suits.

The pandemic is not over yet. Just ready to declare it ended. What is it there, if countries such as Ukraine and Georgia, whose global combined economy is not even a hundredth of a percent, recognizing that the peak of the epidemic has not been passed, are already preparing to ease quarantine regimes!

Humanity, having not yet passed the survival test, decided to start taking another one, according to the results of which it will become clear whether it is able to make the world, the vulnerability of which was revealed during the pandemic, not worse than before. So far, it does not seem that it - humanity - is ready or wants to change something. And if this is so, then the vulnerability and fragility of the world will remain. But who knows what the next ruthless virus will be.

Of course, I want the world to become better. But, when you think about this, for some reason, the Strugatsky’s phrase is recalled: “Humanity is too stationary a system to penetrate it with anything ...”


Vestnik Kavkaza

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