Kerch murderer

Kerch murderer

21 dead, over 50 injured. Those are the "final results" of Vladislav Roslyakov's massacre.

Calm, but pretty isolated. Raised with love. Kind and helpful. Relatives and friends say those things about him. He's also called "Kerch shooter" by some. Things Roslyakov’s relatives say can be understoon, which can't be said about his actions and subsequent suicide. Still, something about what they say is just wrong. Why did someone who was “raised with love,” who was “kind and sympathetic” suddenly go graze, set off two explosive devices and shoot people in his educational institution. All of this didn't happen in a moment. In other words, he had time to think about all of this. However, so far nothing is known about his motives. He just blew up one of his "hellish machines", and then began to shoot at fellow school mates, who had no idea who was shooting at them and for what reason. Nickname "Kerch murderer" fits him more than "Kerch shooter".

That's the stigma of our post-soviet society, full of hypocrisy. You can either say something good about dead, or nothing at all. Only for Hitler and his entourage are exception. You can say as much bad things as you want about them. Most of the Bolsheviks also fall under this category. You can't say anything in all other cases. Roslyakov is dead, so you can't talk about him. Even though he took 21 lives with him.

This doesn't allow psychologists and psychiatrists to come up with profile of this criminal. I don't know how can it help to prevent similar crime, if it's planned somewhere in other part of Russia, but if our society knows how was this person raised, in what conditions, and if psychologists can prepare his profile, it will bear some results for sure.

Only one person - his neighbor - described Roslyakov as isolated person, who loved guns since his childhood and who is capable of cruelty: one time he shot at her legs from a self-made air gun with metal bullets. She said he became a very bad person and...

I don't think anyone who loved and used guns - even though it was just an air gun - will grow into a sadist and a murderer, or will think about building special explosive devices every day. Most of kids who had such interests grew up and found another hobby. There are many possibilities. However, Roslyakov went down the worst possible path. And this path resulted in 21 deathes and a suicide.

Anders Breivik, who killed many people in one of Norwegian youth camps, subsequently tried to explain his actions by Nazi heresy. Today he's serving a maximum sentence in Norway - 21 years - but it can be extended. After 6 years, he finally felt guilty for committing this crime. As one of the Norwegian newspapers reported, Breivik wrote a letter to prison authorities. In it, he said that he regrets his actions dated July 22, 2011, and that if it were possible, he wouldn't have done it again. Knowing Western society, it's very likely that Breivik, if he won't forgiven and released early, will not serve more than 21 years in prison.


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