Obama Using Russia as Cudgel Against Trump

Obama Using Russia as Cudgel Against Trump

The Republican establishment is being stampeded by the Obama Administration into unwittingly supporting the false narrative that "Russia hacked the elections" — and therefore President-elect Trump’s victory is illegitimate. By extension, Republican victories from Trump’s "coattails" in the Senate and House are also illegitimate, an argument the Left and their media allies are also sure to make.

Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham condemn Moscow for "hacking the elections" while being careful to note Russian interference did not throw the elections to Trump. However, their important nuance is lost or contradicted in most press reporting, as was no doubt intended by the Obama administration. Nor do the two unclassified intelligence reports, released on October 7 and December 29, 2016, state Russian hacking was inconsequential to the elections.
President Obama is using his politicized intelligence community, and abusing his office, even starting an international crisis with Russia by expelling 35 diplomats and threatening further retaliatory action, all to weaken a Trump presidency and set the stage for a political comeback by the Left.
Unclassified intelligence reports merely assert Moscow hacked the elections to favor Trump — providing no evidence. The October 7 statement is only a few paragraphs, while the December 29 report is mostly information security recommendations.
Some U.S. Senators received classified briefings, but they are not cyber security experts competent to judge evidence. Extreme skepticism is advisable. Obama’s intelligence community often lies to Congress and concocts dubious reports to support Obama’s political agenda.
For example, Acting CIA Director Mike Morrell lied to Congress about the Benghazi terror attack to cover-up for Hillary Clinton. Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, lied to Congress about NSA spying on U.S. citizens and to support Obama’s false claim North Korea does not have nuclear-armed missiles. Obama’s intelligence community has low-balled the ISIS threat, falsified evidence on Obama’s progress combatting ISIS, and rubberstamped Obama’s extreme views on climate change, including the absurd notion that global warming causes terrorism — an Obama administration talking point.
Obama’s intelligence community reports on Moscow’s alleged attempt to influence the elections looks like more disinformation. Glaringly obvious is their lack of interest in Moscow’s attempt to buy Hillary Clinton.
As documented in the book "Clinton Cash," and fleetingly reported by The New York Times, the Clinton Foundation received $145 million from Russian sources, who purchased 20 percent of U.S. uranium reserves, the deal negotiated when Hillary was Secretary of State.
Bill Clinton received $500,000 from Russian sources for a single speech, and a "congratulatory" phone call from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Any fair and balanced intelligence assessment of foreign efforts to influence the elections should include investigation of these and other payments to the Clintons. President Obama and his intelligence community show no interest in these matters.
Obama insists the intelligence community report to him on Moscow’s alleged hacking of the elections before he leaves office. This looks suspiciously like Obama keeping his thumb on the scales to provide a "politically correct" report, before he loses control of his intelligence community.
Proof positive President Obama is not trying to protect our constitutional republic from Russian meddling, but is trying to politically cripple President-elect Trump — all these highly sensitive matters of intelligence and diplomacy have been thrust by Obama into the media spotlight. Russia could and should be more effectively dealt with by quiet diplomacy and clandestine retaliatory actions. Speak softly, but carry a big stick.


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