PRC media call on Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan to return to China

PRC media call on Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan to return to China

Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan have been the focus of attention from the Chinese media, the authors of which recalled that these two post-Soviet republics are located on "originally Chinese lands historically belonging to the Qing Dynasty." Nur-Sultan regarded the publication as a threat to the territorial integrity of the country, a note of protest was presented to the Chinese ambassador to Kazakhstan. In Bishkek, they preferred not to aggravate the situation with a powerful neighbor and asked him for help in difficult times.

Publications of articles on Chinese information resources allegedly controlled by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China “Why Kazakhstan Should Return to China” and “Kyrgyzstan was the Land of China” provoked indignation in Nur Sultan and Bishkek. The essence of the materials came down to the question of why the republics of the former USSR after gaining independence did not return to the fold of China.

In addition to the historical excursion, the article on Kyrgyzstan also contains an analysis of the economic condition of the republic. The author concludes that "Kyrgyzstan lived very richly in China, and now it is the poorest country in the world - the size of GDP per capita does not exceed $ 1,000," Radio Azattyk (the Kyrgyz service of Radio Liberty) quotes the Chinese media.

The Ambassador of the People's Republic of China, Zhang Xiao, was invited to the Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan and announced that the publication of such content did not correspond to the "eternal spirit of a comprehensive strategic partnership reflected in the joint statement of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the People’s Republic of China, which was signed by the heads of state on September 11, 2019." Zhang Xiao, who is usually active on social networks and shares his views there, this time did not comment on the incident.

In the structure of the world economy of Kazakhstan, China remains the second power after the United States. Nur-Sultan owes China $ 11 billion, Bishkek - $ 1.7 million. But if Kazakhstan can afford to hand over a note to China, then, as the director of the Bishkek analytical center Prudent Solutions (Intelligent Solutions) Esen Usubaliyev told "Vestnik Kavkaza" Kyrgyzstan should be more correct, since China is not just a neighbor, but also a friendly partner country. Kyrgyzstan does not have such resources - oil and gas, like Kazakhstan and such an airbag.

Therefore, in Bishkek, they decided not to pay attention to the publication on a Chinese resource. “Moreover, this is not the first time that the topic of the return of lands allegedly belonging to the Dzungar Khanate has been raised in the Chinese segment of the Internet, which causes heated debate in the national-patriotic circles of both countries. However, the appearance of such articles has nothing to do with the change in mood in the Chinese leadership or Chinese society, since the border issue between China and the countries of Central Asia was settled at the time of the formation of the Shanghai Five (the predecessor of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization). of the conditions of establishment of the organization was the settlement of border issues Therefore, China rather successfully closed all territorial disputes, which lasted from the time of the Russian Empire "-. Usubaliev stressed. The expert is convinced that no one is encroaching and is unlikely to encroach on the territory of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. "Chinese resources, although they are credited with being close to power, are not the official point of view of the CPC Central Committee. China and Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan were also unhappy with the conclusion of border agreements. But, I repeat, there is no cause for concern, since the Chinese government does not involved, "said the expert.

Moreover, the President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbai Jeenbekov asked China for a delay in the payment of loan arrears. "Given the negative impact of the virus on the macroeconomic situation, President Jeenbekov suggested considering the possibility of facilitating and prolonging payments on the external debt of Kyrgyzstan to China," the press service of the head of Kyrgyzstan said, noting that "President Xi Jinping supported Bishkek’s efforts to combat coronavirus infection " It is not yet known whether Beijing will meet Bishkek. But the burden of loan repayments is currently unbearable for the republic. The external debt of the republic is $ 3.7 billion.

"China has always said that it is open to discuss issues related to payment of loans. Beijing can make concessions only because the situation in the republic is critical. And we have chances to get help," said Esen Usubaliev. Of course, this is a necessary measure. Due to the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, in the last month alone, the Kyrgyz budget received less than 6 billion soms. In total, according to experts, the damage at the end of the year may amount to about 40 billion soms.

Kyrgyz parliamentarian and former finance minister Akylbek Zhaparov believes the neighbors will not reject the proposal of the Kyrgyz government: “The amount of funds that must be paid abroad is 28 billion soms. If we ask to suspend payments for a year, both China and other countries will agree This money must be left to support the economy. "