Pashinyan introduces "mob rule"

Pashinyan introduces "mob rule"

The political crisis continues in Armenia, the outcome of which is becoming increasingly unpredictable. The destructive negotiating position taken by Nikol Pashinyan regarding the largest parliamentary faction of the RPA, only increases the likelihood of confrontation.

Pashinyan, in fact monopolizing the right to speak on behalf of the whole people, openly threatens the parliament with "public outrage" in case of a "wrong" decision, while urging all Armenians to gather in Yerevan and besiege the National Assembly on the day of discussing a candidature of the new prime minister. It is a rhetorical question whether the election taking place at gunpoint can be considered legitimate  - and that is how one can define the uncompromising pressure of the crowd. According to Pashinyan, either he is  elected prime minister or no one is. It is quite logical that acting prime minister Karen Karapetyan refused to negotiate in such conditions - the opposition's aim is not  to launch dialogue, but to legalize an unconditional "capitulation act" under the pressure of a crowd taken to the streets.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a recent telephone conversation with Karen Karapetyan, made it clear that "resolving the political crisis in Armenia must take place exclusively through legal means in the framework of the current constitution and on the basis of the results of the legitimate parliamentary elections held in April 2017." "In this context, the leaders emphasized the importance of electing a new Armenian prime minister by the parliament on a planned date of May 1, 2018," the Armenian government said in a statement, which was not corrected or refuted by the Russian side. Pashinyan's response speaks for itself: "I think it's a wrong interpretation as Russia as well as other countries does not intervene in Armenia's internal affairs." Apparently, being in euphoria from popular support, Pashinyan is not fully aware of the realities of the region. Moscow's non-interference in the internal affairs of Armenia does not mean its consent to anarchy and lawlessness.

Particular attention should be given to another comment of Pashinyan. To the question of Radio Azatutyun of what task Karapetyan is resolving not attending negotiations, the oppositionist answered: "I think that Karen Karapetyan is simply not confident in his negotiating abilities, and if a person is not confident in his negotiating abilities in his homeland, how is he is going to hold talks on the Karabakh issue?". Thus, the native of Ijevan, Pashinyan, "let slip" that he does not consider Nagorno Karabakh an Armenian homeland - a symptomatic statement, which will be taken into account with satisfaction in Baku. I wonder how Armenia's representatives of the Karabakh clan will react to it.


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