Poland's failure

Poland's failure

Of course, every time any state arranges some events related to the Second World War and doesn't invite Russia, it leads to several problems. Motives of such decision are absolutely clear and understandable, no matter what excuses organizers try to use. Situation is pretty simple and stupid. What may lie behind the decision to not invite the country, without whose participation in that war current celebrations would never happen?

Such decisions are made due to desire to disregard Russia as the heir to the USSR, to "put it into its place", downplay the role it played in defeating fascism. Fine... Russia can easily deal with such "humiliation." But what about initiators of this "humiliation." Perhaps It would be possible to appeal to conscience and reason of those Polish politicians who placed Poland among "humiliators of Russia", to remind them about the important role Russia played during the Second World War, but it's pointless. Because those who made decision in early September to hold events dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the beginning of World War II without Russia already know what they're doing.

But they made a mistake. Serious mistake. What whatever reason, some countries that received invitations sided with Russia. And if refusal of Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan to visit Warsaw isn't really a problem for Poland, refusal of US President Donald Trump to participate in these events is a huge blow.

Trump, in a somewhat rude manner, announced that he wasn't going to visit Poland. The official reason is tornado approaching the Florida coast, and desire to be with his own people at the time of hardships.

Warsaw presented Trump's refusal in a very diplomatic way, suitable for all occasions - "the visit has been postponed." It's kinda right. Most likely, someday Donald Trump is going to visit Poland, and Vice President Mike Pence is going to visit it right now. That's fine.

What's bad for Polish authorities is the fact that Trump initially considered visiting Poland just to meet with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in order to ask for evidence that can be used against his rival in upcoming presidential elections Joe Biden.

According to Ukrainian sources, there may be things that can be used against Biden. After the "Maidan", which brough Petro Poroshenko to power, Biden was a frequent guest of Ukraine, and his actions raised many questions - he was present at government meetings, then at sessions of the Verkhovna Rada, then his son - a man with very mixed reputation - basically managed the energy sector of Ukraine. True, he didn't really have absolute control over it, but he nevertheless received an enviable position in the company engaged in development and supply of shale gas. All of these points are quite interesting and could be used against Biden during the election campaign.

However, John Bolton, national security adviser, recently visited Kiev, and left it somewhat puzzled. According to rumors, he wasn't able to agree with administration of the new Ukrainian President on discrediting Biden. And it looks like that's the reason why meeting between Trump and Zelensky lost any meaning for American side, at least for the time being.

Naturally, if all of this is true, then it's pretty humiliating for Poland to be considered as a simple meeting place by Washington. But other versions of Trump’s refusal to visit Poland may be not as unpleasant, but still alerting for Warsaw.


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