Russia is being attacked once again

Russia is being attacked once again

The whole world is struggling with a pandemic in enormous tension, and Russia has again plunged into scandal. More precisely, they got it. And the situation itself is in the past tense. It's about the World Cup. Once again, reports circulated in the world media that Russia received the right to hold the 2018 World Cup dishonestly. Okay. And now what? Cancel the results and hold the world championship again? Of course not. No one will cancel the results, no one will conduct anew. So what's up?

What frostbite these days, when the fate of civilization is at stake, had to again climb into the organizational jungle of the world football federation - FIFA, whose leadership, mired in scandals and corruption, was replaced - who with scandal, who without it? And this, it turns out, is the US Department of Justice.

You can be amazed as much as you like, remind you of the dire situation with the epidemic that the United States is in, this will not change anything. The Ministry of Justice of this country, for one driven reason, just now dumped materials that allegedly show that the owners of the 2010 world championships in South Africa, 2018 in Russia, 2022 in Qatar, were selected by bribing FIFA officials and putting pressure on representatives of several national football federations. It seems that all this is in the past, but it turns out that the US prosecutor’s office has not calmed down and is still investigating the circumstances of the choice of the states that have accepted and are preparing to accept the most prestigious sports championship of the planet.

We look at the "evidence". The main person involved in the case is the same former FIFA vice president Jack Warner from Trinidad and Tobago, who has been under investigation since 2011, to the tricks and scams of which Andrew Jennings dug up a journalistic investigation, who wrote a scandalous ambiguous book based on the results of his work: “Foul! The Secret World of FIFA: The Book That They Banned to Try. " She came out in Russian and must still be for sale somewhere. To get it, in any case, does not seem too problematic. I read it. Of course, the dirty deeds of FIFA with the organization of its bookmakers and offices, the love of this bureaucratic people for a beautiful life in the best rooms of the best hotels in the world, manipulation in one or another election, can cause nothing but disgust.

One of the protagonists of the exposing book is Jack Warner. He was also the type, of course, who managed to drag his relatives and friends to solve some important issues, who had nothing to do with football, but who participated in those decisions, who sold tickets to the largest competitions to the left, cheated on building stadiums, robbed the players of his native team countries, etc.! But with all this, there are still many questions to the evidence base of Andrew Jennings. Probably, not only the reader, since they tried to plant the author for slander, i.e. the charges, which remained unproven, but were published as facts in the acclaimed book. And even planted for a short while. But they were late with this, because the book made a fuss, all human rights activists and guardians of freedom of speech throughout the Earth stood up for Jennings. In general, it was easier to let go than to continue the lawsuit and attempts to condemn the journalist.

Statement: Russia bribed Warner when he headed in the FIFA Executive Committee.

Proof: Before the vote, Warner was promised $5 million. In 2010-11, this amount was transferred to Warner's bank accounts from offshore zones in several transfers. And supposedly there was a note on Secretary Warner’s email with the content type - the job is done.

Who gave the money? Where exactly did it come from? Where are the bills? This is nothing. There is only what Russia bought.

Oh yes. There is still evidence that the ill-fated Jack Warner, FIFA President Joseph Blatter and ex-Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko, who presented Russia's application for the World Cup, after filing this very application, very friendly (!) Discussed the level of English proficiency by the Russian minister. Well, why is there no reason to accuse Russia of dishonestly obtaining the right to host the World Cup ?!

FIFA, which has changed management and announced a cleanup, has requested additional information from the US Department of Justice. The world’s leading football federation said it “supports all investigations into possible violations of the law related to national and international football tournaments and will continue to cooperate with law enforcement agencies conducting the investigation. FIFA closely monitors these investigations and lawsuits in the United States and others. countries of the world. "

Politically correct and calm, as it was necessary to answer. What will end the next arrival of American investigators in FIFA and Russia at such an inopportune time, of course not to say exactly. But it seems to me that nothing. In any case, for Russia. On my own, I’ll add that the world championship held at Russian stadiums was wonderful! If only because not a single match (!) Was marked by dirty biased refereeing, without which, perhaps, not a single world championship was complete. Without scandals, without cheating, all matches were played in fair sports. And any football fan will sign it.

Against the background of the Russian mundial, remember the 1994 American with its fields, from the “big mind” in the breaks of matches being drenched with water, a bad picture, a dirty disqualification of the ingenious Maradona to please the then president of FIFA, dragging Brazil with judges for the same reason, the subsequent murder of the Colombian defender Escobar, often half-empty stadiums, the lawns of which were laid out for American football and baseball, are simply indecent and stupid.

By the way, the Americans really wanted to hold the World Cup again. And they achieved this - in 2026. True, in company with Mexico and Canada. Is the attack of lawyers connected with this? To achieve maximum preferences in organizing and conducting, broadcasting, tickets, advertising - all this is a lot of money that must somehow be shared, in particular, with FIFA too. More precisely - get your piece of cake from FIFA. And it’s important that he be big. Especially in the current environment, when only the lazy does not predict a protracted economic crisis after the pandemic.


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