Thank you, Baku! Beautiful girls thank the beautiful city

Thank you, Baku! Beautiful girls thank the beautiful city

The awards ceremony of the winners of the all-round rhythmic gymnastics World Cup in individual and group performances took place today in Baku at the National Gymnastics Arena. The сompetititons were won by the Russian team. Second place was won by the Israeli gymnasts, and the Italians received bronze. The national team of Azerbaijan was in 7th place.

Both athletes and coaches were satisfied with the organization of the event.

"We like everything so much. Azerbaijan has always been very close for us: all the competitions where we participated were very successful for us in both the European Championship and the First European Games. It is so easy to breathe here. The head of the Azerbaijani Federation has managed to organize great conditions here. There are a lot of kids here. I cannot help noting the strong competition. It is very good,’’ the French national team coach in rhythmic gymnastics Svetlana Mustafayeva said in an interview with a ‘Vestnik Kavkaza’ correspondent.

Ksenia Mustafayeva

French gymnast Ksenia Mustafayeva was pleasantly surprised by the onlookers’ support: ‘‘I was strongly supported. It is very nice and it highly motivated me." According to Mustafayeva, the National Gymnastics Arena in Baku was lucky for her: "I performed well, both last year at the First European Games and now."

"Baku is a stunning city. We like being here," US gymnast Monica Rockman says. "It was an important and exciting event. We performed well, but we could do better. It was very exciting. It was a very well-organized event. We enjoyed performing with the team at the last competition before the Olympic Games. It is so good that we had such great fans who supported our country. It is great."

Viktoria Shelia

"Thank you very much to all who were involved in this wonderful tournament. We will definitely come here again! I have been to Baku many times. The tournaments are organized better and better every year. Thanks again to everyone who participates in it. The fans are very friendly here. They support everybody,’’ Georgian gymnast Viktoria Shelia said in an interview with a ‘Vestnik Kavkaza’ correspondent.

Carmel Kallemaa

"The organization is excellent. These are the first competitions at such a level for me. Before that, I was in Baku only once during a training session. The city is beautiful. I love it. In addition, there are great onlookers,’’ said Estonian gymnast Carmel Kallemaa. She is supported by the coach of the Estonian national team, Janika Melder. ‘‘It was great. I have no words. I haven’t seen a better organization of tournaments." The coach liked staying in Baku when she came back to the training session for the first time last year: ‘‘I liked it so much that I decided to come back two weeks later after leaving it. So today I am in Baku for the third time."

Patricia Bezzubenko

"I'm just incredibly happy. I received enormous pleasure. They were the best in the competitions this season. There is such a good atmosphere, and the way I was supported! There was everything that helps gymnasts to perform well. The Gymnastic Center in Baku is simply stunning. Probably, it is unique in the world. I was walking through the old town, along the seafront. Baku impressed me and it is getting better and better,’’ Canadian gymnast Patricia Bezzubenko said in an interview with a ‘Vestnik Kavkaza’ correspondent.

Neta Rivkin

Israeli gymnast Neta Rivkin thanked the onlookers in Baku for their support, not only for their athletes, but also for all participants of the World Cup finals. "The support was very good. It is nice to perform, as the public support not only their own, but also foreign gymnasts. It's really nice."

Laura Zeng

"Baku is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. It is very beautiful here. We saw several sights in the city. The arena is very beautiful, and comfortable to perform," US gymnast Laura Zeng noted.

Camilla Fili noted: "There are excellent onlookers. The arena is also beautiful, I really enjoyed performing in Baku: good organization, a lot of carpets and an excellent hotel."

Alessandra Kis

"I really liked to perform in Baku. I like Azerbaijan and its capital. I was here at the European Championship in 2014, and then I really liked this place,’’ admitted Hungarian gymnast Aleksandra Kis.

Selina Zhumataeva

"The onlookers supported us very well during the performances. As always, there are very hospitable people in Azerbaijan. We often come to Baku, not only during tournaments, but also during training sessions, because there are very good coaches and gymnasts. We like Baku, that’s why we travel here,’’ Kazakh gymnast Selina Zhumataeva said.

Ekaterina Volkova

"I am here for the first time, and I have already managed to walk through the city. Baku is very beautiful," said Finnish gymnast Ekaterina Volkova, praising the organization of the World Cup in Baku, and the arena for performances and onlookers.

Veronica Bertolini

The World Cup Finals will be remembered by Italian gymnast Veronica Bertolini, as she achieved the best result for the year: "I received more than 18 points. This is the last competition before the Olympic Games, and I want to enjoy my performance. The onlookers warmly supported me. There are kind people in Azerbaijan."

"The atmosphere is very pleasant at the arena. The arena is unusual: I performed in such darkness for the first time, as if I were in a theater. I really liked the atmosphere, the onlookers significantly supported me. The arena is very large, like in the World Championships. There are good mats, a good place to train, it's very convenient and comfortable," Georgian gymnast Natella Bolataeva shared her impressions.

"The Gymnastics Federation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and those who develop gymnastics are wonderful people and real experts, the coach of the Georgian national team Lubov Sergovantseva said in an interview with a ‘Vestnik Kavkaza’ correspondent. "We know that competitions are always well-organized in Baku. These competitions were no exception. Baku is one of the most beautiful cities. We love it here and are always happy to travel here. We are very pleased that gymnastics is on the rise in Azerbaijan. Well done! Thanks to the Gymnastics Federation of Azerbaijan, and all those who were involved in the development of this kind of sport.’’

André Gueisbuhler

The Secretary-General of the International Gymnastics Federation, André Gueisbuhler, said in an interview with a ‘Vestnik Kavkaza’ correspondent that the World Cup was held in Baku at the highest level: "There was both a great arena and perfect organization. We are all very pleased to see how Azerbaijan is developing in the field of gymnastics. If tomorrow takes place like the previous two days, the assessment of the tournament will be ten out of ten." According to the Secretary General at the International Gymnastics Federation, Azerbaijan has achieved great progress in this kind of sport: "It is one of the most powerful countries in rhythmic gymnastics and in other disciplines that has significant opportunities. I think that at the Olympic Games the Azerbaijani gymnasts will be able to show good results. If the republic continues to train gymnasts in all kinds of gymnastics then after a few years sporting gymnasts, acrobats and gymnasts on trampoline will rise to the level of the Azerbaijani Graces."


Thank you, Baku! Beautiful girls thank the beautiful city
Thank you, Baku! Beautiful girls thank the beautiful city
Thank you, Baku! Beautiful girls thank the beautiful city
Thank you, Baku! Beautiful girls thank the beautiful city
Thank you, Baku! Beautiful girls thank the beautiful city
Thank you, Baku! Beautiful girls thank the beautiful city
Thank you, Baku! Beautiful girls thank the beautiful city
Thank you, Baku! Beautiful girls thank the beautiful city
Thank you, Baku! Beautiful girls thank the beautiful city


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