US wants to erase border between Iraq and Syria

US wants to erase border between Iraq and Syria

The U.S. is seeking to eliminate the border between Iraq and Syria and merge the territories invaded by Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorists, which it has deemed its land forces, to exploit underground resources, starting from Iraq’s Kirkuk to Mosul and all the way to Syria’s Raqqa, Turkish Yeni Safak writes in the article entitled 'US seeks to merge regions in Iraq, Syria to exploit oil, gas resources'.

Raqqa Local Council Member Ekrem Dede spoke exclusively to Yeni Şafak daily and unveiled the striking details about the U.S.-led energy corridor in the region, stating that American, French and British companies have queued up for the drilling and export of hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of oil and gas. He stressed that the number of officials in these oil-rich territories, including private companies, who came to inspect the site in last two months alone has exceeded 400.

“The feasibility studies of the U.S. are currently in progress. In parallel to this project, the number of U.S. officials has been doubled in the last six months in the countryside of Syria’s Hasakah, Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor. A significant number of these figures work in the oil and construction field,” he added.

Underlining the alliance between the Kurdistan Workers’ Party ( PKK) terror organization and Washington administration, “U.S.’s oil shipments to the regime refineries in the regions occupied by PKK terrorists have stopped and all the petroleum has been transferred to Iraq. The U.S. is now using the same route for its oil shipment, the one they used for weapons deliveriesy to PKK terrorists in the past. There is a clandestine pipeline in this region that was built in former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s era. On the other hand, they will construct an overt oil pipeline in near future in this region,”, Dede said.

He also said that France and the U.S. demanded $600 million from Gulf countries for the reconstruction of Raqqa where they took part in its destruction. They seek to undertake both the operation and the construction of the cities they destroyed.

U.S. Defense Secretary Mattis also reported that the number of U.S. diplomats in Syria has doubled under the pretext of fighting Daesh but a specific number is still unknown. "Our diplomats there on the ground have been doubled in number. As we see the military operations becoming less, we will see the diplomatic effort now able to take (root)," U.S. Defense Secretary Mattis said on Tuesday.

The Iraqi Turkmen Front's representative in Turkey Hicran Kazancı also evaluated the developments and asserted that the U.S. is seeking autonomy for Kirkuk that is based on separating it first from the central government and later handing it over to the Barzani administration. He said that the U.S.’s first aim is to abolish the border between Iraq and Syria and create a single zone by merging Raqqa, Hasakah Deir ez- Zor, Kirkuk, Tal Afar, Arbil and Sulemaniyah. Kazancı stated that this initiative is not only political, it also has a covert aim to exploit the underground resources of the region.