Ukranian politicians try to limit Zelensky's actions

Ukranian politicians try to limit Zelensky's actions

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine sent a protest note to the Russian Federation over organization of the next humanitarian convoy of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry. This is the 87th humanitarian convoy and, accordingly, 87th Kiev protest. Ukrainian side has repeatedly expressed suspicion that something harmful is being delivered to the Donbass along with humanitarian aid.

Moscow responds to Kiev protests with proposal to jointly inspect goods delivered to the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. However, the Ukrainian side ignores these proposals and continues to call supplies from Russia "pseudo-humanitarian convoy." Moscow, in turn, states that it helped and will help residents of Donbass, despite protests of Kiev and its Western partners. Donbass authorities of Ukraine basically arranged economic and transport blockade, and in such conditions Russia has no choice but to help inhabitants of the region, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in one of its latest responses. Each humanitarian convoy from Russia to Donbass consists approximately of 80 tons of cargo and mainly includes food and essentials.

Against this background, when humanitarian aid irritates Kiev so much, there's basically no hope for speedy settlement of the Donbass situation. Hopes associated with new government are fading away. President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, despite repeated attempts, including recent grandiose all-day press conference, can't succeed in convincing political elite and local society of the need to implement the “Steinmeier formula” to resolve the Donbass conflict. According to various surveys, majority of the population of Ukraine doesn't understand what it is, and only repeats after politicians that it won't trade away their homeland. And politicians, as you know, play their own game and have their own goals.

Today they openly prepare a "golden cage" for Vladimir Zelensky. Verkhovna Rada began to discuss the bill on creation of special commission of the parliament on restoration of territorial integrity and protection of sovereignty of Ukraine. Accompanying documents and explanations say that the Verkhovna Rada will have control over decision-making processes aimed at restoring territorial integrity of the country. Deputies basically will take control over president and his team, but only in matters related to the Donbass as well as the so-called "annexed Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol", at least for now.

The main goal of temporary special commission of the Verkhovna Rada is fight against threats to national interests of Ukraine in preparation and implementation of measures aimed at de-occupation and reintegration of the occupied territories of Ukraine, the bill says. Document emphasizes that it will be the parliamentary commission that will "determine principles that officials and state bodies of Ukraine must follow when taking measures aimed at restoration of territorial integrity and protection of sovereignty of Ukraine."

In other words, Vladimir Zelensky's belief that he has power and won't sacrifice national interests of Ukraine, as well as arguments in favor of elections in the Donbass based on the "Steinmeier formula" - that envisages granting special status and special powers to local authorities, as well as the implementation of the Minsk agreements - didn't come true. In addition, Zelensky’s proposals to work together, to jointly draft laws on fair settlement of the Donbass situation, didn't come to life. Political opponents of the president didn't listed to him and chose the path of control.

What does it mean? This control means only one thing. Situation in the Donbass won't change for a long time. Control means Zelensky's actions will be limited. Why did it comes to this? It's all about fears of possible collaboration of president and his team, or desire to accuse them of inaction and violation of election promises. It's not important to look at situation through the prism of the Donbass crisis for politicians who act like that. Top officials are already preparing for confrontation and disruption of presidential decisions.


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