Why Pashinyan won't resign

Why Pashinyan won't resign

To resign before noon on December 8 - such a demand was made today to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and his team by the participants of the rally in Yerevan. At the end of the rally on Freedom Square, the protesters marched to the prime minister's mansion, shouting slogans. "Nikol is a traitor", "Armenia without Nikol". However, most observers of the situation predict that Pashinyan is unlikely to give in to the demands of the protesters, drawing attention, in particular, to the fact that the number of participants in opposition protests has significantly decreased over two years.

Although the Armenian press calls the rallies "many thousands", it is worth noting that if in 2018 such protest actions were attended by 100-300 thousand people, now it is no more than 10 thousand.

The most active part of the Armenian society - the youth - for the most part inclined in their sympathies to "Western values", and the lion's share of NGOs operating in Armenia remains on the side of Pashinyan.

However, the main reason is that a more radical politician with revanchist sentiments may come to replace the current prime minister, while the overwhelming majority of the Armenian people no longer want to fight, do not want death and injury for their sons. After the defeat in the second Karabakh war, the Armenian society was convinced that Azerbaijan has a strong, professional army, with a high fighting spirit, armed with the most modern weapons.

Rallies in Yerevan in response to Nikol Pashinyan's signing of a trilateral statement on Karabakh have been held by 17 opposition parties since November 10, and it is clear that there is no larger country behind these rallies - now not a single state in the region is interested in a new war.

In addition, Pashinyan's opponents lack a worthy charismatic leader. Vazgen Manukyan, who stood at the origins of the "national liberation movement", one of the developers of the nationalist ideology, is not taken seriously by the majority of the population; Armenians do not want to see representatives of the Karabakh clan, known for their ultranationalism, corruption and revanchist sentiments, in power.


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