Why it is not possible to manipulate Baku’s policy

Why it is not possible to manipulate Baku’s policy

As a result of the consistent policy pursued by the leadership of Azerbaijan, Baku's influence has become tangible at the international arena. Azerbaijan's contribution to the global peace, security, including energy security, is recognized in the US and Europe. The host of the Vesti FM radio station, Gia Saralidze, and the director of the Center for Political Information, Alexei Mukhin, speak about the forces that try to undermine these constructive relations.

Saralidze: Last week, several Western newspapers and online editions, in particular The Guardian, published articles about the secret accounts of Azerbaijan’s leaders. It is interesting, that all the articles were published at about the same time. All the articles were dedicated to the same issue in all editions and countries, one source was cited - all refer to the report of the Center for the Study of Corruption and Organized Crime, the activities of which are linked to notorious George Soros. Does the topic of corruption remind you of anything? Just like a copy. It is clear that Soros has desires that were not fulfilled. After that, such a loosening has begun. Why does it happen?

Mukhin: A fashionable word hype is used to describe such developments. The hype was launched in hope that the Azerbaijani President would retreat. It is a way of manipulating the consciousness of a single person with a pinpoint information effect.

Saralidze: All the same was in Georgia during the Rose Revolution. The topics of corruption, leadership of the country, youth organizations were affected. Everything works by the same token. Once Soros distinguished himself in Serbia, where the first youth performances were held. They even had an emblem with a fist, similar in all countries.

Mukhin: I especially like the cherry on the cake -  the US organizes a petition for the announcement of George Soros a terrorist. And what does this solve? To be honest, watching this, I am amazed by cynicism, because they can declare Soros a terrorist, though unlikely they will bring him to the court, but it is done. And we would have to calm down after this. Yes, he is declared a terrorist, ОК guys, let’s go home. Where are the judicial decisions regarding the countries where he was active, and not only in the 1990s?

Saradidze: By the way, recently Soros has appeared in Hungary. There are specific claims from the leadership of Hungary to this person, to his fund and his university. But they do not respond, they launch hype: ”They clamp us! Freedom! " Such a well-worked frame-scheme.


In all fairness it has to be added, that it is hardly possible to manipulate the consciousness of President Ilham Aliyev, who has position of principle. Recall an attempt of reconciliation between Turkey and Armenia, initiated by the United States. Back in the 1990s, Turkey closed its borders with Armenia in response to the occupation of the Azerbaijani lands. And suddenly, in 2008, behind Baku’s back, behind-the-scenes consultations on the preparation of the Zurich protocols began. Then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not even hide the fact that the Armenian-Turkish dialogue was an integral part of Barack Obama's new American policy in the South Caucasus. When it became known that there was not a single point about the Karabakh conflict caused the closing of the borders in the document, Baku expressed its unambiguously negative position with regard to such reconciliation of the neighbors.

Nevertheless, Washington did not abandon the idea of ​​signing the documents, and planned to do so in September 2010 during Obama's visit to Istanbul. The American leaders invited Ilham Aliyev there, hoping that he would provide an unofficial support to the American idea by being there. However, the president of Azerbaijan refused to go to Istanbul, saying that the document planned for signing contradicts the national interests of Azerbaijan. Aliev did not change his decision even after Clinton’s call. As a result, Ankara stated that the borders would remain closed until there was a progress in the Karabakh settlement. Thus, the process was stopped, and the Zurich protocols were thrown away. 

Not only Americans, but also Europeans could not manage to manipulate the Azerbaijani President. When the European Parliament brought up for discussion a resolution attacking Azerbaijan, the document was not adopted, though the Bundestag stood out by adopting an anti-Azerbaijani resolution. "What does the Bundestag have to do with us and who do they think they are? Is Berlin the master of the world and all the others must obey? We do not want anything from them. On the contrary, it's Berlin that needs our gas and oil ... One can not dictate anything to Azerbaijan,’’ Ilham Aliyev said then.

Baku has said many times that the country is not against dialogue on human rights and is ready to discuss this topic with European partners, especially since Azerbaijan also has something to say on this issue, in particular, concerning Islamophobia in European countries. At the same time, Baku opposes a one-sided approach and attempts to present the country as ‘an unreasonable pupil, which should be taught to respect and observe human rights.’

However, today a dirty campaign against Azerbaijan continues. It always becomes stronger on the eve of important international events. This was particularly noticeable on the eve of the First European Games, when the information war against Azerbaijan reached an unprecedented level. The games were initiated by Europe, and Azerbaijan, being chosen as the venue, held the competitions at a decent level. Similarly, the year before, Russia held the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Then both Moscow and Baku were nailed - they invited guests, met them with dignity, received positive reviews, but at the same time they were brought in the mire by those who neither were in Sochi in the winter 2014, nor in Baku in in the summer 2015. What is it - the notorious double standards, major business interests or harsh geopolitics?