‘Stars and Stripes’ revolution in USA

‘Stars and Stripes’ revolution in USA

The Republican Donald Trump will go to the US presidential election only from the party and not as an independent candidate. Now the billionaire is leader in popularity in several states where the primary presidential elections will be held in the near future. Exactly Trump from the Republican party and the Democrat Hillary Clinton, the academician of the Russian Academy of Social Sciences, the president of the American University in Moscow, Edward Losansky, sees as the main candidates for the presidency of the United States.

"What is happening in general in America is a variation of a ‘color’ revolution. Of course, without the burning of tyres and a Maidan, but on the democratic, electoral level,’’ Losansky said. He explains his conclusion: ‘A 'color’ revolution is is a revolt of the people against the establishment. The US Republican candidate is a representative of the anti-establishment.’’

Losansky even invented a color for the American Revolution — ‘Stars and Stripes’. "The symbol of America is an oak tree, but the oak tree has already been captured by the Moldovans during the ‘oak’ revolution, which took place in Moldova. A rose was in Georgia during  the ‘rose revolution’. Therefore, I think that the ‘Stars and Stripes’ revolution is a good term, the current American flag. This revolution escalated in the pre-primaries, the caucuses, today the convincing victory of Trump says that people have revolted against the party. Remember, in Soviet times people and party were united? In America, it has been found out that it is not so and the people have chosen Trump "

"There are, of course, the hawks, especially the neocons, who think that Hillary is better than Trump, but the people are not a flock of sheep. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie strongly criticized, even insulted Trump, and now calls on his people to vote according to their convictions. It's 90% likely Trump will be the nominee of the Republican Party. People with money call for a vigorous campaign against Trump, but few of them agree on it, realizing that such a campaign is almost a lost cause,‘’ Losansky says.

He advises Trump playing the Russian card. ‘’His policy towards Russia for the Americans may look preferable, if it is correct to play it, put forward a peace motto, promise an agreement with Russia and to be able to withstand the external threats."

Losansky recognizes that the main thing for the Americans is the economy, but still foreign policy plays its role: "If Trump can be represented as a candidate for peace, who will solve the common security problems with Russia, Hillary can be represented as a war candidate. Among the foreign policy advisers of Trump are Michael Flynn, the former head of the US foreign intelligence, that is called the GRU in Russia. Another adviser is Dana Rohrabacher, an acting Congressman, the chairman of the subcommittee on international affairs, he was Reagan’s speech-writer, and behind him there are also former pillars of the Republican Party of the Reagan era. And such advisors, I think that they will give him advice on issues of foreign policy."


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