‘The Bright World of Natalia Bazhanova’ released

‘The Bright World of Natalia Bazhanova’ released

On the eve of the Day of Diplomatic Workers, the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry has presented a new series of books 'Russian Scientists in International Affairs' at the M.I. Rudomino All-Russia State Library of Foreign Literature. The first edition was the two-volume 'The Bright World of Natalia Bazhanova', dedicated to the memory of the outstanding scientist-orientalist, journalist and teacher, an Honorary Doctor of the Diplomatic Academy of Russia, Natalia Yevgenievna Bazhanova.

Natalia Bazhanova is a Doctor of Economic Studies, specialist on Korea, political scientist, historian, economist, educator, diplomat, publicist, author of many books and articles published in Russia and abroad, on general issues of international relations, on Russia, Korea, China, the USA, Europe and the Middle East.

As a teacher she prepared nearly three dozen doctors and PhDs, including well-known public and political figures, scientists and teachers.

The publication contains numerous documents and materials of the scientific, journalistic, social and pedagogical activities of Natalia Bazhanova.

The two-volume presentation was attended by the Rector of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Federation, Yevgeny Bazhanov, many friends and acquaintances of Natalia Bazhanova, her colleagues, students, politicians and diplomats.

"The Diplomatic Academy decided to start the publication of a series called ‘Russian Scientists of International Affairs'. And we started this, published the first book in two volumes. Whom are we talking about? We are talking about our colleagues, who worked before us, who were engaged in the study of international relations, the world economy, international law, other cultures and ethnic groups. For those who are engaged in international affairs, interested in politics, these people should be interesting. Well, first of all they are interesting for us, they are our colleagues. So we do it on the basis of such noble intentions. This is the first thing. Secondly, it is very useful. They did a lot in terms of studying the issues they dealt with. They put forward ideas, concepts, gathered facts, made recommendations. And since we all know that the problems tormenting mankind have not changed, what was going on in the 20th century is still going on in the 21st, a lot of what they did has relevance now," Yevgeny Bazhanov stated to Vestnik Kavkaza.

According to him, "Natalia Yevgenievna Bazhanova was engaged in studying Korea, she wrote a lot of useful and important books on Korea, but not only on Korea. She subsequently worked on the United States, and China, she had books on France, Italy, the countries of Southeast Asia, on the theory of international relations, on the history and evolution of Russian foreign policy, international folklore, etc. We talk about her life, her work, analyze these works. This book contains the memories of more than 130 people who knew her in various spheres of life. Some worked with her in science, others in diplomacy, others were just her friends, others were disciples."


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