5 one-liners that sum up a fiery Trump-Clinton debate

5 one-liners that sum up a fiery Trump-Clinton debate

The second presidential debate was one of the nastiest ever. There was no shortage of eye-rolls, sighs and gestures of faux politeness that dripped with sarcasm. After weeks of throwing flames from afar, Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton let the zingers fly on Sunday night.

“No, I’m a gentleman, Hillary. Go ahead.”

A significant portion of the debate featured the candidates speaking over each other as they clashed over Mr. Trump’s treatment of women. In one exchange, Mr. Trump allowed Mrs. Clinton to have the floor and he patted himself on the back for being chivalrous.

“It represents exactly who he is.”

The recording that was released on Friday of Mr. Trump speaking in demeaning terms about women created a dramatic backdrop for the debate. After Mr. Trump offered an apology for what he said on the tape, Mrs. Clinton did her best not to let him off the hook, arguing that the real Mr. Trump was the one who was recorded on that open microphone.

“If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse.”

Mr. Trump had toyed with bringing up former President Bill Clinton’s history of sexual misconduct as a response to suggestions that he himself does not respect women, and on Sunday night he let it rip. Mr. Trump invited women who accused Mr. Clinton of abusing them to the debate hall and when Mrs. Clinton skewered him for his behavior on the tape, he unloaded directly on her husband.

“When they go low, you go high.”

Mrs. Clinton avoided litigating many of Mr. Trump’s most personal attacks and instead invoked the words of Michelle Obama, the popular first lady, who has argued that Democrats must stay above the fray when Republicans lob dirty attacks.

“She has tremendous hate in her heart.”

After Mrs. Clinton explained that she wants to be a president for all Americans, Mr. Trump invoked one of the biggest miscues of her campaign: her reference to some of Mr. Trump’s supporters as “the basket of deplorables.” He hammered her for calling his supporters bad people and said that was evidence that she would not be an inclusive leader.


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